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Lund is a panel-built house built by IlumHouse, a prefab manufacturer based in Latvia. This panel-built house provides 22.4 m² of living space with one bedroom and one bathroom.

House specifications

Dimensions: 22.4 m2
Warranty: 5 years
Construction time: 2 months
Exterior dimensions: 23 m2
Floor area: 22.4 m2
Exterior finish: lining boards (any colour and texture)
Interior finish: lining boards or plasterboard
Floor: laminated flooring or parquet
Insulation: 150 mm, 200 mm or 250 mm rockwool

Basic configuration

  • Rigid frame structure made of dense timber
  • Triple-glazed plastic windows with Rehau or Gealan sections
  • Entrance and interior doors
  • Rockwool or foam thermal insulation of walls (150 mm for walls, 200 mm for the floor and roof)
  • Interior finishing (spruce)
  • Exterior finishing (spruce)
  • Balex roof
  • Electrical wiring, water supply and sewerage
  • Floor - laminated flooring (Class 33), bathroom - vinyl coating.
  • Kitchen - plate, built-in refrigerator, furniture
  • Bathroom - shower, boiler, sink, toilet

Additional configuration

  • Any project can be changed
  • Ruukki roof
  • Parquet
  • Stove


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