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The model is produced as 3 separate modules – one contains a kitchen with a living room, another one is a bedroom with WC and shower room and the third one is a 5 m² terrace. All rooms provide 17 m² of internal area. It will take two people and a day of work to connect these three modules together.

We will install electricity and plumbing inside the walls and floors for you. You will need to locate the wastewater connection, power, and supply on your site. We will specify on the foundation drawing where it has to be located.

M16 house has many different add ons to create more comfort for your tiny house – we offer boiler, for heating, air conditioner and more. But you can always choose to order a base option and install all the additional items yourself. Please contact us below for a quote.

The mega trailer fits all three sections of the M16 model. And each of those is easily lifted by a forklift.


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