• SP-19034
  • Model reference
  • 2
  • Sleeps
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 16.2


NIDUS Dove is built from a single module of 16 m2 usable area, can be transported on a single platform and has all the necessary amenities: kitchen, bathroom, day and night area. It is comfortable and functional in any context, with or without access to water or electricity, whether you want it for yourself or host it on AirBNB.

  • Total area 24.11 m2
  • Usable area 16.21 m2
  • Bedroom / Living 7.4 m2
  • Kitchen 2.68 m2
  • Bathroom 3.45 m2
  • Lobby 2.68 m2
  • Terrace 6.9 m2

Nidus Standard Package

  • Metallic piers foundations
  • Complete thermal envelope
  • Wooden facade and metallic coated cover
  • Wooden interior finish
  • Complete and functional building services
  • Functional bathroom and kitchen

The price does not include

  • Transportation to the construction site
  • House assembly and commissioning
  • Accessories: garage, porch, storage space
  • Optional features marked below

Timber frame structure with TERMOPAIE – straw insulation

  • Modular TRAROM timber frame structure
  • 26 cm insulation of TERMOPAIE – blown in loose chopped straw
  • TRAROM timber frame structure
  • Wall thermal resistance R = 6.y sqm*K/W (or U=0.149 W/sqm*K) – meets the PassiveHaus standard

Durable exterior finish made of wood (simple, heat treated or charred)

  • Charred Wood (Shou Sugi Ban) facade
  • Thermally Modified Wood facade
  • Metalic coated sheet for roofing or facade

Exterior doors and windows

  • Thermal resistance R = 1.33 sqm*K/W (Uw = 0.75 W/sqm*K) – meets PassiveHaus standard
  • Triple glazing
  • PVC, aluminum or wooden frame
  • Optional: velux skylight window for more comfort (more natural light and ventilation)


  • Wood panel wall finish​
  • Wooden flooring
  • Ceramic tiles for kitchen and bathroom
  • Wooden interior doors


  • Basic furniture (countertop and sink)
  • Optional: appliances (full electric or classic)
  • Optional: complete furniture


  • Sanitary Ware (sink, toilet, shower)
  • Basic furniture
  • Optional: complete furniture

Bedroom / Living

  • Optional: bed/folding sofa
  • Optional: dining table and chairs
  • Optional: furniture and accessories

Ventilation system with heat recovery

  • Decentralized system – extracted air from the bathroom and kitchen and introduced into the living / bedroom
  • Air quality monitoring and remote control through the application on the phone
  • Efficiency > 75% – meets the PassiveHaus  standard

Safe electrical system

  • Fire protection cables protected by fire protection copex
  • Electrical protections on each circuit (circuit breaker with differential)
  • General and circuit electrical meter (appliances, HVAC, lighting)
  • Sockets and modular switches with mechanical contact

Plumbing system

  • Distribution of cold water and domestic hot water through PexKIT pipe
  • PVC drainage pipe
  • Optional: filter for drinking water with mineralization

Optional: Renewable energy sources

  • Photovoltaic system 1.5 / 3 / 5 kW on-grid for electricity
  • Solar air panel for air heating
  • Solar thermal panel for hot water
  • Canadian Well – a geothermal exchanger for air conditioning
  • Micro wind turbine

On-Grid Setup

  • Electric radiant heating
  • Radiant underfloor in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Radiant clay tiles in the living room
  • Thermostat control

Off-Grid Setup

  • Combustion heating (woodstove)
  • Septic tank for wastewater
  • Optional: grey and black water treatment station
  • Optional: rainwater collection system
  • Optional: renewable energy solutions (see full description below)

Optional: renewable energy solutions

  • 1 kW off-grid photovoltaic system
  • Solar panel for air heating
  • Solar system for hot water
  • Canadian Well – geothermal exchanger for passive air conditioning
  • Micro wind-turbine

More details on www.nidushome.com

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