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Norge is a tiny house built by Tiny Smart House Poland, a manufacturer based in Poland. This tiny house provides 32 m² of living space with one bedroom and one bathroom.


  • Length: 8m (optionally 12m) - Width: 3.8m
  • Height: 3.8m
  • Weight: 12000kg


Scandinavian spruce framework

Advanced PUR open-cell foam or Steico wood fibre

Steel frame protected against corrosion

Steel roof or EPDM foil

Triple-glass aluminum windows

230V or 400V electrical systems

Exterior walls 
Scandinavian spruce

Interior walls
The interior walls combine Scandinavian spruce and exotic plywood

LVT or panels

Air Conditioning
An integrated air conditioning system featuring a heat pump.

Final price depends on the chosen materials and equipment. Price includes full installation and set up.
Warranty for 2 years is included. Delivery price depends on the location.

This mobile house is available in longer, 12 m version with an additional room

Norge is a modern mobile house with a length of 8 meters, designed by Nasze Nowe studio. The house is also available in a larger 12-meter version with an additional room. It is an ideal project for people who appreciate relaxation in the midst of nature.

While lounging on the comfortable sofa, you can indulge in the true pleasure of observing the starry sky. The interior is designed in a Scandinavian style, and despite the simplicity and economy of forms used, the house presents itself in an interesting and cozy manner. The bedroom also features a large window, allowing ample natural light to flood the space.

Soft panels have been mounted on the wall as a headboard, creating an elegant wall panel and giving the entire interior a charming character that invites relaxation.

To enhance your convenience, we offer the option of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and furniture, providing everything you need to effortlessly settle into your new home.

Rest assured, we take care of all the electrical and plumbing work, as well as the complete setup. Our commitment to quality extends beyond construction to ensure your seamless transition into a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.

Experience the joys of simple living without compromising on comfort and convenience. Your dream of a modern, minimalistic lifestyle awaits!

Why Choose Our Mobile Houses: Setting the Standard in Excellence

Quality - Superior selection of materials and technology used in our houses include Steico wood fibre, scandinavian spruce, Osmo paint, Braas membrane, C24 wood framework, Ruukki steel roof, Fibo LVT and WiFi controlled cooling and heating systems.

Durability - Each element of the house is designed to last as long as possible; We take pride in the meticulous selection of premium materials, ensuring unrivalled durability and longevity that transcends generations. Our commitment is to create a home that your grandchildren will delight in just as much as you do today.

Protection and sustainability - Recognising the challenges posed by time, weather, climate change and everyday usage, we have implemented cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your investment. Our houses are fortified with functional and modern protection against water damage, extreme temperatures, and the rigours of daily life.

Design - Through a fruitful collaboration with our talented and dedicated interior design team at Nasze Nowe Studio, we continually embrace innovative concepts and captivating aesthetics. From contemporary elegance to timeless charm, our designs are meticulously crafted to create beautiful living spaces that inspire and delight.


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