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Chalet 24 is a turnkey modular house built by Q-home, a prefab manufacturer based in Austria. This cabin provides 24.35 m² of living space, with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.


  • European Union
  • United Kingdom

Heating / cooling - air conditioning 1 split optional infrared
Bathroom fully equipped
Kitchen fully equipped

We present to you an environmentally friendly house with outstanding properties of building materials that meet the highest comfort, safety and environmental standards. The external design is defined by a wooden facade, which not only offers a unique design but also guarantees robustness and longevity.

The interior design uses high-quality materials from selected suppliers. Additional options such as laminate, vinyl, natural wood and decorative panels allow for customization to suit your needs. The floors have been carefully designed to provide comfort and warmth. Construction, mineral wool and processed wood meet the highest safety and fire protection standards.

Thermal insulation systems:
Our house is equipped with modern thermal insulation systems that ensure high energy efficiency. Each element meets strict ecological and safety standards to create a green and stylish living environment.

Our bathroom is an oasis of well-being. Large showers, modern fittings, high-quality tiles and bathroom ceramics make the bathroom a little paradise.
All bathrooms are fully equipped.

Construction and wall details:
The construction of our house includes a sturdy steel frame with precise dimensions. The wooden facade made of 20 mm wood not only gives an aesthetic charm, but also has high fire protection properties. The use of mineral wool ensures additional safety and energy efficiency and also the inhibition of rodents and vermin. Sustainable is important to us both for environmental reasons and for longevity.

Floor coverings:
We also insulate our floors with mineral wool. This ensures woolly insulation.
We use high-quality laminate class 32 (commercial quality) and tiles for a wonderful feeling of space.
Overall, we offer a modern and sustainable living concept that meets the highest aesthetic standards, environmental compatibility and safety standards. Welcome to your new green and stylish living world!

EXPERIENCE NATURE! Each of our houses is planned and built with the greatest care. We are pleased to be able to design an individual home full of well-being. We hope you enjoy our houses.

All walls are covered with plasterboard or Fermacell, so you can mount (almost) anything here!

We heat electrically as an efficient and environmentally friendly option. You can choose between electric underfloor heating, infrared heating or air conditioning.

An extensive range of tiles in 30 / 60 cm format is included.

Our electrical installations include the meter box and a very extensive socket and switch package at no extra charge.

Water filters and pressure reducers are also included.

For gable, mono-pitched and hipped roofs, we also install a rainproof sub-roof on rough formwork as standard.

The gutters and drain pipes are made of colored aluminum.

The standard roof loads (snow loads) are up to 300 kg/m2 roof area.

The elegant front door models have an elegant stainless steel pull handle on the outside. Windows have a good U value.

Our houses can also be built with a screw foundation - this can save additional costs!

Special features:
• Exquisite materials: The bungalow is presented with high-quality materials that exude elegance and luxury.
• Optimal use of space: A well-thought-out design ensured that the available space was used in the best possible way.
• Generous window areas: The large windows not only let in lots of natural light, but also create an open and inviting atmosphere.
• Practical details: Our ground floor house has been equipped with numerous practical details that increase living comfort and meet the needs of modern families.
• Cost optimization: Particular attention was paid to optimizing costs to provide a luxurious living experience at an affordable price.

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