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Evermod 42 is a modular house built by SIA Frame House Group, a prefab manufacturer based in Latvia. This cabin provides 42.7 m² of living space with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

EVERMOD is a modular house designed to take care of its owner.

Our modules are created with two purposes in mind. To provide a sustainable and effortless way of living and to withstand the most brutal conditions our planet has to offer.We believe that everyone deserves a perfect home. That is why our modular houses can be delivered all around the world.

We use sustainable materials bridging the gap between people and nature.

Wood is a material with undoubtable benefits such as outstanding thermal performance and sublime aesthetic qualities. Hence our modules use the full potential of timber from the sturdy structural frame to the elegant spruce facades.

Minimalism and functionality balanced by a warm material palette.

As a blend of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese design tradition the module's interiors are modern and flexible. A perfect fit for serene contemplation and cosy evenings its clean lines are complemented by the soft accents of wood and stone.

Our initial goal was unapologetically ambitious – to create a premium product. Hence, during the structural development of the module the Evermod team has faced a number of serious challenges:

  • Outstanding dimensions of the structure. Being 15 metre long it is a quarter bigger than the majority of our competitors.
  • Exclusive application of timber within the module's structure as the most sustainable, energy efficient and premium material.
  • Unprecedented within the modular house field level of insulation – 300 mm inside walls and 400 mm inside roof.
  • Ability to employ materials and solutions sensitive to slight movement and distortion such as plasterboard or hidden doors.


Alternative energy sources, passive standards and minimal carbon footprint.

When it comes to sustainability Evermod is more of a statement than a house. It has a thick building envelope, low carbon timber frame, under floor heating, capillary conditioning mats and optional solar roof panels. You should expect a perfect climate with minimal impact on the environment or your wallet.

Our definition of a smart home is the one which takes care of its owner.

From climate control to security this module is filled with smart systems designed to make your life as easy and comfortable as it gets. Did you forget to close the front door or want your house to warm up for when you arrive? Everything is controlled with a single app so a tap is sufficient.


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