Tiny House Mobile 03 / 7.2 m

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Tiny House Mobile 7.2 is a tiny house built in Poland. This tiny house provides 34 m² of living space which can accommodate 4 to 6 people.


THM 03_7,2 m
THM 03_7,2


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We offer a year-round project thanks to energy-saving underfloor heating. Tiny House Mobile allows you to diversify the accommodation offer. It is an extremely modern, fast and intelligent solution in construction. Ergonomic design, in line with current trends. We are distinguished by the high quality of workmanship, and at the same time we offer you cozy, stylish interiors with a lot of wood, in the Scandinavian style. The subject of sale is a whole year-round, 6-person mobile home, including: - A base made of galvanized steel and insulated with waterproof plywood or sheet metal, insulated with rock wool, with full European approval; base with dimensions of 7.2 m x 2.5 m (18.00 m in circumference). Usable area 30 m 2. - Walls built in the frame technology based on wooden elements of construction timber dried in a chamber; - External and internal elevation made of the highest quality wood, Scandinavian spruce, C24 certified; - Rock wool insulation covers the entire structure: external walls, mezzanine ceiling and the ground; - Internal paneling, twice whitewashed; - Anthracite-colored windows from the outside, white from the inside, double-glazed; - Two large mezzanines with sleeping places for 4 people - Mezzanine railings; - Electrical and plumbing (plumbing) installation; - Ventilation points; Easy and safe transport (requires a car up to 3.5 tons and a B + E driving license). We support in transportation throughout Europe, paid extra (from Warsaw). Possibility to put on the plot without formalities. Simple and quick trailer registration. We support leasing of mobile concepts (800 leases behind us). It is possible to implement the project in the following versions: BASIC, CLASSIC, PREMIUM (under the key). We prepare the price configuration individually, taking into account the client's needs. Possibility to prepare a terrace with a garden set. Meetings are held at the company's headquarters in Warsaw, to visit a SHOW ROOM. Price depends on the interior standard and starts from 29 000 euro – 41 900 euro net price (developer - premium standard). Implementation in 2 months.


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Tiny House Mobile
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