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Living27 is a modular house built by Tutum HOUSE, a prefab manufacturer based in Lithuania. This modular house provides 26.8 m² of living space, with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.


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Size: 26.8 m2 (Complete set STANDART) tutum LIVING 27 Height 4125 mm Width 7613 mm Length 6084 mm. A fully finished interior is included in the STANDARD price. Turnkey option. Tutum House is committed to providing the utmost safety and peace of mind. You can trust the durability and quality of our carefully selected high-end materials, such as thermo-treated or burnt wood and Cor-ten steel. Far from being just a small cabin, Tutum House offers an exceptional living experience. In just 16 weeks from order to delivery, you can have a fully equipped house without the need for long-lasting and exhausting on-site construction. This approach translates to reduced CO2 emissions and a minimized environmental impact, making Tutum House a truly sustainable choice for your retreat sanctuary. Tutum House offers all the comforts that are truly important. The harmonious duet of Cor-ten steel and wood creates an atmosphere of balance and security. Our customers are guided through every step of the order and customization process, including advice on the optimal placement of the house on their plot of land.


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