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Family Hut is a container house built by UpHut OÜ, a prefab manufacturer based in Estonia. This modular cabin provides 26.7 m2 of living space with one bedroom and one bathroom.


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Exterior cladding
Scandinavian spruce.

Black PVC-framed door and window. U= 0,8-1,2 W/ m2K

Sprayable closed cell PUR foam has been used as the insulation material. PUR foam essentially eliminates any air gaps or air transfer. This keeps your PopUpHut cool in the summer and warm in the winter without hurting your wallet. The roof is insulated with a 150 mm layer on the inside; the walls are insulated inside with a 50 mm layer and the floor insulation is 100 mm. Floor U= 0,19W/mK, Wall U= 0,30W/mK and Roof U= 0,17W/mK. The roof is insulated with a 120 mm layer on the inside, U= 0,17W/mK; the walls are insulated inside with a 50 mm layer, U= 0,30W/mK and the floor insulation is 100 mm, U= 0,19W/mK.

Interior cladding
The inner wall and ceiling covering material is Scandinavian spruce.

The container’s original floor has been removed and replaced with new insulated flooring. Oak tree flooring has been used as the floor covering material, providing you with comfort, style, and strength that will last for generations. In SAUNA Hut we use LVT as a flooring.

Lighting and sockets
LED ceiling lights throughout the whole house. One exterior light, exterior socket, interior sockets.

Exterior Window Film
Metallised solar control film for exterior application. It has a durable scratch-resistant coating and a weather-resistant acrylic adhesive. Solar control film helps to reduce the heat inside your house.

Shower room
30L boiler, shower and washbasin mixer, Grohe wall-hang WC, Gustavsberg Nautic washbasin, teak wood flooring, floor heating mat.

Optional add-ons

Terrace module
The terrace consists of a 1.8x2m module. To cover the front of the house you’ll need three modules.

The kitchen fronts have a natural white bevelled panel that gives them a distinct, traditional character and are ideal if you are looking for a country-style kitchen

Air Conditioner Mitsubishi 2,5kW
The price includes the assembly of the indoor unit. The assembly of the outdoor unit should be outsourced by the customer.

Coloured Mixers in Bathroom
Brushed Gold or black shower-and washbasin mixers.

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