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Passion Zero 20 m2 is a prefab cabin built by Wamp Group OÜ, a prefab manufacturer based in Estonia. This cabin provides 20 m2 of living space, with one bedroom and one bathroom.


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Custom design
Passion Houses are custom designed in every aspect. From exterior outlook to small interior details. Passion MZ suits well for a home office, garden house or a living unit.

Premium materials
Passion Houses have been designed and engineered to last. From body to skin durable and fine. Strong structure and triple glazed windows. Adding Passion House’s timeless design and you have house that stylishly resist  time.

Connecting with nature
Breathtaking panoramic views, healing natural light and closeness to nature. The latest technology windows are energy efficient and durable. Need some extra privacy? No problem, push the button and roll down blinds.

Smart Home
Passion House's approach to “Smart home” differs from others. “Smart home” means for us a home that does things for you instead of forcing you to become an IT operator for your house. Passion House takes care of your energy savings, keeps your air fresh and helps you with lighting.

Full lighting concept
Elegant and functional lighting. Inside and outside.

Low energy cost
Saving energy in every aspect – efficient heating and ventilation, Nordic standards for insulation, 100% led lighting.

Rewarded design
Passion House is rewarded as “The best prefab house of the year” and “Innovation of the year”.

Fixed budget
No hidden costs. Ready to get bank financing.

Fast delivery
Smart Design Houses are pre-built indoors to meet the highest building standards. House kit ready to ship within 4 months.

Unique installation
The house kit is engineered for easy and quick installation.

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