Meet our team

At the heart of our operations are three seasoned professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to enhance your experience with our platform

Haris C.


Haris leads our SEO strategy, meticulously crafting the digital footprint of our marketplace. His expertise lies in optimizing online visibility and driving sustained growth through comprehensive search engine strategies.

Carles Gascó

Customer Success

Drawing insights from his real estate and architecture background, Carles, our operational heartbeat, passionately guides manufacturers through platform tools. From personalised onboarding to proactive troubleshooting, his dedication ensures a seamless and impactful journey for all users.

Mark Notari

Business Development

Specialising in new business development, Mark initiates connections with manufacturers, fostering partnerships to build Europe’s largest prefab marketplace. His passion for identifying growth opportunities  propels the platform towards scalable and efficient expansion.

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