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The DYNO tiny house is the perfect combination between modern and unique. It is designed as a holiday home, carefully built to reach remote locations.

Dyno is built to be road legal, with a trailer  that is specially built and certified by VLEMMIX. It has a weight limit of 3.5t, so we used lightweight materials to reach this goal. It’s designed to function on grid – with mains connections on water and electricity. Modification can be made to use solar panels and water collecting systems.

Key features

DYNO on wheels or foundation
Our DYNO model can be delivered either on a dedicated trailer or can be placed on a foundation! It’s up to you!

Heating options
We offer 4 heating solutions: thermostat controlled floor heating, wood fireplace, air conditioning, gas heater (off-grid)

nZEB package
We offer with our tiny houses the possibility to have a nearly zero energy building – with 20 cm. insulation, heat recovery ventilation and triple glazed windows.

Ample storage spaces
We equip each our tiny house with storage to suit a holiday tiny house! We build storage draws under the stairs, sofa and even under the bed.

Full sized kitchen & bathroom
We equip each tiny house with a sink, hob and oven. Also, our bathroom is spacious and comfortable for any height. It’s all about comfort!

Unforgettable Bedrooms
Our bedrooms are thought for relaxing and resting. The beds are sizeable – 140 up to 160 cm. wide. The massive skylights over the bed are a dreamy addition for falling asleep whilst gazing the sky.

Length: 7,40 meters
Width: 2.55 meters
Height: 3.98 meters (on trailer)
Lofts: Each 5.5 m2 (11 m2 in total)
Total surface: 27 m2

Standard DYNO Equipment


  • Electric or gas oven
  • Custom made kitchen furniture
  • Table and chairs
  • 2-mesh induction hob on gas or electric
  • Stainless steel sink
  • 100l fridge


  • 1 bed – 160/140*x200cm
  • EasyClean carpet
  • Storage spaces and decorations

Living room

  • EasyClean L-shaped sofa
  • Coffee table
  • Storage unit located under the stairs

Core structure

  • Laminated wood structure
  • Vapour/condensation barrier
  • Rockwool 10 cm (insulation)
  • Thermally treated pine siding
  • Poplar plywood walls
  • Bilka Retropanel metal sheet
  • Double glazed PVC windows
  • Water resistant Quick Step laminate flooring or Vinyl floor


  • Flushing toilet*
  • 110 x 80 cm shower cabin
  • Sink and integrated storage unit
  • Mirror
  • Extra options are presented on the following page


Laminated wood floors
Our laminated floors look and feel amazing! We use the highest quality, quick step wood floors which are suitable also for electric floor heating and are waterproof!

Pine-tree thermo-treated cladding
Think Tiny House uses oak tree cladding thermo treated on the exterior of our tiny houses. Durable, great looking, pine tree gives it the cosy look that any tiny house needs.

Sheep Wool Insulation 100mm
We use sheep wool insulation in our tiny houses to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. Produced by our partners at Lana Term, sheep wool is one of nature’s best insulator – being able to also absorb humidity and resist fire.

Poplar plywood 18mm
We use pine tree plywood to make our walls look amazing. Rather than having to use the traditional wood cladding, we want to give our Think Tiny House customers a look and feel that is premium!Don’t forget about the amazing smell it will spread around your tiny House!


DYNO 1 bedroom starting at €37,500
DYNO 2 bedrooms starting at €40,300

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