Frequently asked questions

What is Spassio?
Spassio is an online portal connecting buyers with prefab house manufacturers in Europe. We do not produce prefab homes ourselves. We provide a platform for users to compare different models and manufacturers easily.

Who can use Spassio?
Spassio online portal allows anyone interested in purchasing a prefab home. To start their research to find a manufacturer that meets their needs.

Does Spassio only work with European manufacturers?
Yes, currently Spassio only works with prefab manufacturers based in Europe.

Can I purchase a prefab home from a manufacturer on Spassio and have it delivered outside of Europe?
Some manufacturers on Spassio may be able to deliver their homes outside of Europe. But this you can confirm with the manufacturer.

What types of prefab homes are available on Spassio?
Spassio works with various manufacturers with different types and models of prefab homes. This includes tiny houses, cabins, panel-built, log, and modular homes. There is a wide range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

What information can I find on Spassio?
Spassio provides detailed information on different prefab home models and manufacturers. This includes floor plans, images, prices, and specifications. You can also find reviews and ratings from other users to help you make an informed decision.

How do I purchase a prefab home through Spassio?
Once you have researched and compared different options on Spassio. Contact the manufacturer to begin the purchasing process. Spassio does not facilitate the sale of homes. We connect interested buyers with manufacturers.

Are the prices on Spassio negotiable?
The prices listed on Spassio are provided by the manufacturers. Prices are not negotiable through Spassio. However, you may be able to discuss the price with the manufacturer.

Is there any warranty or guarantee on the prefab homes from the manufacturers on Spassio?
The manufacturers provide the warranty and guarantee on the prefab homes. Check with the manufacturer for more information on their policies or warranties.

I am a prefab manufacturer, how can I advertise on your platform?
If you would like to advertise your prefab models on, please email us at to discuss your option.

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