Modular Construction

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Modular (or Volumentric) construction is a prefabrication technique in which parts of the building are produced offsite giving as a result three-dimensional, volumetric units. Before they leave the factory, the units or pods are finished as combinable parts of the building, to be assembled after onsite. This technique requires a minimum finishing job made on site, therefore allowing a quick installation. In some cases, like Tiny Houses or Cabins, the whole house is built offsite as a singular module.

It has some limitation on the size of the modules because of transportation restrictions, which will often require specialised vehicles.

Both modular and panel construction can be combined in one single building. For example, the bathrooms or the kitchen can be made using the modular technique, while the rest of the house elements can be manufactured in the form of Structural Insulated Panels. By combining both systems, even more construction time can be saved on site and the need for a skilled workforce is kept at a minimum.

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