The Extra House at the Summer Place

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  • 2
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  • Bathroom
  • 15
  • SP-20309
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The Extra House at the Summer Place is a cabin built by Add A Room A/S, a prefab manufacturer based in Denmark. This cabin provides 15 m² of living space which can accommodate two people.

A mini house, fully equipped with kitchenette and bathroom. In this example, the house is used as a guest house, to complement an existing summer house. It can also be placed completely independently as a minimalistic getaway house.

Modules included:

  • 15 m2 Module
  • Kitchen
  • Veranda
  • Pergola
  • Living space

    A 15 m2 module was used to create this mini house. The same module can also be used as a home office, teenage house with bathroom, guesthouse, studio or sauna house. Add an outdoor kitchen and feel how the living space is increased!


    The kitchen is delivered completely turnkey, just add your cooking gear! The stainless steel kitchen counter is specially built in Denmark, adapted to the size of the house. The bench has a large sink with Grohe faucet in one end, and built-in stove in the other.

    A refrigerator, an oven and storage space is found below the counter. Here it can also be prepared for a dishwasher. As standard, the kitchen is delivered with a trendy curtain covering the storage space and refrigerator, but as an option, the kitchen is available with IKEA VOXTORP doors

    Above the counter, open shelves are placed for easy storage and access. As an option, IKEA voxtorp doors can be placed. As standard, the house is delivered with a carbon filter kitchen fan, which can be replaced with a ventilating kitchen fan as an option.


    The veranda expands your living space tremendously, and is by no doubt the most cost effective expansion of your house! Complemented by an outdoor bench or outdoor kitchen, and a pergola, you’ll be surprised by the feeling of an extra room!


    You know those summer days when the apple tree gives the perfect mix of shadow and sunlight? The strong beams gets filtered by the branches and gives a perfect reading spot under the tree? This is exactly what we wanted to accomplish when we designed the pergola! The sideways slats gives a softer light through the sliding doors, as well as the outdoor kitchen. Let some plants climb the pergola for additional shadow! The pergola is built in to the house, with the same materials as the house.


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