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Do you long for a small cozy cottage, a place where you will have privacy and peace? At the same time you have land without available networks? The solution may be a novelty of the Blokki modular system – the Blokki mini self-sufficient house.

Blokki mini is a standard building equipped with technology for operation without connection to public infrastructure .

Mini has a living area with kitchenette, bathroom and technical facilities for self-catering. The building obtains electricity from solar and wind energy, and batteries are used to store it. The pleasant atmosphere on cold days is enchanted by a simple fireplace equipped with a small stove. The stove can be replaced or supplemented with comfortable underfloor heating. The house works gently with rainwater, which is retained in a large inner tank, then cleaned and used for washing or flushing. If there is no well or other suitable water source on the plot, drinking water is imported. Osmosis, a modern device for perfect purification of rainwater for drinking water, can be ordered as a practical accessory. The toilet is cassette. The contents of the filled cartridge are stored on the land in a compost pit or weighed.

Construction solutions and insulation are designed for year-round use. The interior has a pleasant clear height of 2.5 meters. Land preparation is undemanding, settling is possible on ground screw piles or on concrete footings.

The design and equipment of Blokki mini is specific, more info can be found in the leaflet which can be downloaded below.

For a detailed quote and a description of how off-grid technology works, please contact us using the contact form below.

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