• 2
  • Sleeps
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 19.2
  • SP-26410
  • Model reference


NC 20 is a modular house built by NordCabin, a prefab manufacturer based in Latvia. This modular house provides 19.2 m² of living space which can accommodate 2 people

A tiny house for big dreams

Whether is a professional place or a private space, it is a special just for you, your thoughts, and your wellbeing. Think wider, run away from the everyday rush, meet your muse, generate new ideas or work hard. It is your place, your time, your rules.

Quality inside and out

An excellent quality project that will be energy efficient as it will not let the heat out, while at the same time looking beautiful

Premium materials

The core of the cabin is made of CLT, that is one of the most efficient material to store CO2. Fundamental and lasts much longer.

Outstanding design

Modern, restrained and practical design in collaboration with industry professionals.

Mobility & Freedom

The ability to place this house where it is difficult to build. The limit of placement is only in our minds.

Multipurpose concept cabin. The only limit is your imagination.

Guest House

A guesthouse whose target audience will not only be weddings and parties, but also a beautiful family vacation spot where you can be closer to earth.

Holiday house

A holiday house that will create a cozy feeling and desire to rest, escaping from everyday worries

Home office

There is no desire to rent an office in a multi-storey commercial building, where there is no place to park the car, nor is the passage of time noticeable. It is better to choose an office where more open and sincere conversations will take place.

What will you get

All cabins are equipped with:

Wooden windows and doors

  • Wooden windows and entrance doors with structural glazing
  • Wooden internal doors

Bathroom with everything included

Fully finished bathroom including WC, shower, sink and electric towel dryer.

Air quality

Heat recovery ventilation system for better air quality

Climate control

Air to air heat pump for heating and air conditioning

A couple of technical details to be able to plan the best cabin house.

Recycled CLT

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panel.

Load Bearing Structure

  • 100mm CLT Roof
  • 80mm CLT Walls
  • 120mm ReCLT Floors


40mm wood fiber insulation on walls and roof


  • White painted plasterboard
  • Solid wood flooring


  • Metal roofing
  • Stained vertical squared edged cladding


Wooden windows and entrance door with structural glazing


  • Air to air heat pump for heating and cooling
  • Ventilation System with heat recovery function


Fully finished bathroom., including shower, WC, sink and towel dryer

Add on

  • Custom made kitchen
  • 7sqm terrace with roof


  • Europe
  • USA

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