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We are super proud of the Nomad which has been featured in The Business Insider and The Sunday Mail! It’s a truly unique concept that is not only a modern in design but also highly practical for 2 people.

Design Features

So, why is this home so special? Well, the concept came from the idea of separating the rooms. You know the classic shape of a tiny house with a door in the middle, you walk in and from that very moment you’re standing in the kitchen, dining room, living room and office? Well, for the Natura, the idea was to feel like you are in one singular room at any given time.

From the front door, you’ll be greated to a spectacular view of your garden through the french doors and into the living space. Here you’ll find plenty of storage hidden within the stairs which have an alternative function to separate you from the rest of the home.
As you walk through into the kitchen, you’ll notice how much space is availble for a real foodie to store all kinds of appliances and even some cook books! On the right side is a beautiful space for working, eating or gazing out of the window with a cuppa!

Next up, on the way to the loo you’ll be greeted by two full length wardrobes. One is for the boiler and electrics with some additional space overhead and under whereas the one on the left contains a rail and a handful of shelves to fit all of your belongings from shoes, coats, bags and more.

Last but certainly not least is the bathroom. Whilst, small, this bathroom has everything that you’ll need. It’s practical with a walk in shower and central cabinets , a composting toilet and a towel rack. We’ve finished this home with natural aesthetics, with the highest quality fixtures and fittings – with tonnes of light flooding each room.

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Key features

• 1-bed tiny home
• 7m long X 2.55m wide x 4.05m high (23.25m2 total floorspace)
• 1 loft bedroom to fit a kingsize bed
• Highly insulated house built using SIPs
• Fully-fitted kitchen with energy-efficient appliances ( 2-ring induction hob, electric oven, extractor hood).
• Fully-fitted bathroom with a walk in shower, toilet, cabinets and vanity.
• Optional – 3000w solar panels, additional battery and a wood-burning stove or Sunflow heating.


Standard Package with Movable Trailer 5.5T from- £55,999

What’s the difference in price?

Our ‘Eco Package’ offers a wood-burning stove or Sunflow heaters coupled with our highly-efficient insulation. You’ll also get 3000w solar panels, meaning you’ll more than likely be able to run your entire house solely from your solar array.

Wood burning stove or Sunflow – What’s the difference?

Whilst wood burners provide a lovely ambiance to a room, they also releases harmful pollutants, including tiny particles known as PM2. 5. This particulate particle can easily be inhaled and is known to cause the most significant impact on our health. On a positive note, they don’t require any energy consumption other than the wood/kindling itself which makes this a great off-grid solution.

The other option we offer is a Sunflow heater that comes in array of styles to look super slick and modern. They run off electric and are cleverly designed to heat a space efficiently and for a prolonged time. The downside is you will need more solar and batteries as the winters in the UK are rather dark and you may need to store more energy to keep them running.

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