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The Nomad – a more ‘classic’ design in the Tiny Home domain, for those that love that form – but we’ve gone a few steps further.

This cottage style home has rustic wood cladding for a real country vibe. It’s interior is equally as pleasing to the eye. It’s styled to feel cosy with a mixture of natural wood, a matte white modern finish to the walls and mood lighting for a warm environment.

Upon entry, you’ll find yourself in the living room that is cosy enough to fit a TV onto the wall and a double seater sofa. With windows everywhere you turn, you’ll find the views will be soaked into the room. Great for people who enjoy watching nature or reading books in a calming atmosphere. As you move into the kitchen you won’t be disappointed with plenty of cutting space on the oak worktop, and crisp white cupboards. On the opposite side, you’ll find a seating area with matching dropdown desk come prep space, for eating or working.

Upstairs, there is a large loft bedroom, with tonnes of space for a queen size bed with storage by the end of the loft. Well positioned windows not only allow views from your bed, but provide a welcome cross draught during the summer. The second loft is the perfect getaway space should two of you work from home and require quiet spaces to get the job done.

We’ve worked on numerous ways to improve the Nomad over the last 18 months, and we’re really pleased with what we’ve got to offer; from high quality, long-lasting materials, such as the luxury laminate throughout the tiny home, to the wall tiling in the bathroom, the fixtures and finishes, all mean your tiny home will stand the test of time. The structure is built with SIPs, with thick walls, floors & roof that will keep the cold out and keep the warmth in.

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Key features

• 1-bed tiny home w/galvanised steel trailer
• 7m long X 2.5m wide x 4.2m high (22.25m2 floorspace)
• 1 loft double bedroom with storage
• 1 work/play loft/single bedroom
• Fully-fitted kitchen (2-Ring gas/electric hob, gas/electric oven).
• Fully-fitted bathroom with shower, compostable toilet and sink with vanity.
• Space provided for an under-counter fridge & washing machine
• Specially designed stairs to maximise storage
• Underfloor heating in the living space & a towel rail in the bathroom
• 16amp hookup, water connection, gas connection is optional depending on appliances
• Mini-MVHR included to help keep airflow, reduce moisture levels and a comfortable temp
• Optional – 6 solar panels (around 3000w) w/inverter, 2x lithium battery


Nomad + Movable Trailer 5.5t – £55,999
Nomad + Movable Trailer 5.5t w/eco package: £61,999

What’s the difference in price?

The Eco package has been specially designed with solar engineers support, providing you with the ability to be off-grid. With the inverter, 6 solar panels and 2 hefty, Lithium Ion batteries, you’ll be able to run all sorts of appliances whilst being off-grid.
If you don’t plan to be off-grid, and you’ll use the 16 amp hookup, then you’ll see your bills drastically reduce as a result. The solar system will be capable of handling almost anything within the tiny home, from the underfloor heating to the general day to day use of the tiny home.

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