About ODYL House

ODYL House produces CLT (cross-laminated timber) houses with superior quality structural elements and interior design solutions that are meant for X-factor natural locations.

What makes ODYL even more special is its OFF-GRID module (independent energy and rain/river/lake water cleaning and recycling system). This allows us to install the house anywhere, on any ground, without an electricity line or a borehole. What our clients need is simply an X-factor location with a building permit.

Some important facts to note:

  • The house design allows us to extend the house size without any extra engineering/projecting (e.g. from 60m2 to 100m2)
  • It takes us 20 days to build the standard 60m2 house from foundation to a turnkey solution (add-ons take extra time)
  • We offer full service from plot preparation to the turnkey solution (via partnerships outside Estonia)


Manufactured in Estonia

Established 2021

Construction Panel house manufacturers


    Building permit
    Customisation options
    Fully bespoke designs
    Site preparation
    Turnkey projects
    Utility connections


  • Worldwide

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