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Helios is a luxurious Finnish wooden house with a majestic appearance. It is designed for a modern dweller who doesn’t want to compromise even at his rural retreat.

Adjacent to the living room of this luxurious wooden house is a cosy dining room and a modern, functional kitchen, while 2 of the bedrooms are situated downstairs, the upstairs holds the remaining 4 bedrooms. each bedroom has its own private bathroom and the upstairs bedrooms additionally have a large wardrobe room. The upstairs features a balcony, which enables a view into the living room. A large terrace runs outside the perimeter of the cottage, providing enough space for all the desired outdoor activities.

Helios house can be constructed from a large number of wooden materials, available through Rovaniemi Log Houses, and it will serve many years as a comfortable home for a happy family.

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Aito Lapland

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    Aito Lapland
    • Aito Lapland