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Pod 385 is a modular cabin built by Ecobox Ltd., a prefab manufacturer based in Bulgaria. This modular house provides 28.5 m² of living space with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Designed for all-year use, this cabin is a part of our "Smart module system". In this system you can combine different pods to each other - left to right side, or right to left side. Thus, two similar window openings in the back become a door between two modules. This can be done, following simple DIY procedure with no need of special skills, nor special tools or equipment. If your family is growing and your need more space, you can order additional module any time you like and attach it to those, you have. So your home will grow with your needs!

The model displayed here is built by combining three modules of 9.5 m²:

- Ecobox Glamping pod 385 - Kitchen/Bath module
- Ecobox Glamping pod 385 - Living room module
- Ecobox Glamping pod 385 - Empty module

Pod specifications

  • Wooden construction on metal base frame
  • Pod size 3.85x2.50x2.70m
  • Weight 1t
  • Overall wall thickness 12cm, 10cm stone wool insulation with vapour membrane
  • Inside: plywood claddings
  • Outside: natural wood and metal sheeting
  • Double glazed door and windows with "four season" glass
  • The pod is "smart home" ready and off-grid ready


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