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Akacia 160 is a panel-built house built by Nordberg Construction, a prefab manufacturer based in Latvia. This modular house provides 160 m² of living space, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

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Spaciousness, light lines, and natural light characterize the Akacia 160 project. This home is an ideal choice for a family seeking a peaceful life in a natural and ecological environment, complemented by the advantages of an energy-efficient house with low operating expenses. Thoughtful planning, proximity to nature, and a high-quality microclimate enhance the living experience.

Technical parameters
Building area: 160 m²
Ceiling height: 3 / 2.7 m
Bearing structures: glued solid wood (CLT)
Heating: air/water heat pump
Ventilation: air recovery system
House energy efficiency class: A
Wall / ceiling finish: painted wooden panel
Floor: two-layer oak parquet
Roof: PVC membrane
Glazing: triple-glazed windows
Wall construction heat transfer value: U = 0.15 W/m²K

Building structures and insulation
The Akacia 160 is constructed using solid wood structures. The walls and roof consist of CLT panels insulated from the outside with 200mm thick stone wool using innovative technology that minimizes cold bridges. This method achieves high energy efficiency.

Basic construction
The foundations of the Akacia 160 are made of insulated concrete slabs. A mold is created by combining the element with insulation boards, into which monolithic slab foundations are formed when concrete is poured. This results in a monolithic structure that does not come into direct contact with the ground, preventing cold bridges. This construction method provides high resistance to soil subsidence and deformation, along with excellent thermal properties.

Wall and ceiling decoration
Wood is prominently featured in the interior, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The primary material of the Akacia 160 enclosures is CLT, which remains exposed in the interior rather than hidden behind cladding. Wood’s smell, acoustic properties, texture, and surface texture positively affect sight, hearing, and smell.

Facade and roof
Elegant and visually attractive cement fiber boards and natural wood finishes are used in the facade decoration, with color tones matched to create a harmonious and balanced visual impression of the house.

The roof covering is made of a synthetic roof waterproofing membrane, produced using high-quality raw materials. The PVC material offers:

High mechanical resistance
High stability in low-temperature conditions
Excellent resistance to aging
Excellent resistance to UV rays and various weather conditions
High vapor permeability

Customisation option
Customers can choose colors for the facade finishing boards and plates.

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