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NC 30 is a modular house built by NordCabin, a prefab manufacturer based in Latvia. This modular house provides 29.5 m² of living space with one bedroom and one bathroom.


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NordCabin - just as much as one needs - a warm, cozy shelter without losing the connection to the nature around you. Versatile, yet designed with a purpose.

The NC 30 is an environmentally friendly cabin, made from sustainable materials.

Available in 3 versions:

1)  Full CLT (the cutoffs generated in the process will be recycled and used for other projects)

2) CLT + Recycled CLT  hybrid (We use ReCLT only for the parts that are not exposed and will be covered with other materials)

3) Full Recycled CLT (both in exposed and covered versions with plastered interior surfaces)


NC 30

Inside area: 29.5 m²
Outside area: 35,6 m²
Inner dimensions: 10,0m x 3,0m x 3,1m (l/w/h)
Outer dimensions: 10.4m x 3,4m x 3.6m (l/w/h)

All cabins are equipped with:

- Wooden windows and entrance doors with structural glazing
- Wooden internal doors
- Fully finished bathroom including WC, shower, sink and electric towel dryer
- Heat recovery ventilation system for better air quality
- Air to air heat pump for heating and air conditioning

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