Build Your Own Garden Office: Creating a Productive and Inspiring Workspace

Building a garden office in your backyard can be quite a fast and simple project when using prefabricated techniques. These functional house additions are becoming increasingly popular among those working from home in Europe and the UK as they provide the perfect space to achieve a work-life balance. The following step-by-step guide will help you start your prefab garden office project:

  1. Assess your space and requirements
  2. Set a realistic budget
  3. Design your Garden Office
  4. Prepare the site
  5. Construction of the garden office
  6. Landscaping and final touches

Embarking on a self-build project can feel quite overwhelming to most, yet the insights offered in this guide will help you simplify the building process. By choosing prefabrication as a construction technique, you can obtain your inspiring workspace with minimal construction cost and disturbance.

Benefits of choosing a Prefab Garden office

Given that your garden office is built in your backyard, choosing prefabrication as a construction technique offers a great advantage. Since prefabrications take place off-site, your garden will suffer minimal damage during its construction.

Besides, building in a factory-like environment offers some additional benefits:

  • Affordable construction: because of the centralisation and industrialisation of the building process, prefab construction in most cases is cheaper than traditional construction.
  • The possibility of choosing a predesigned model: There is a great variety of predesigned prefab garden offices, available in an extensive range of sizes and styles. While the option of customising a prefab garden office is definitely a choice, opting for a predesigned model simplifies the process enormously as it follows a very visual and intuitive procedure.
  • A wide range of manufacturers to choose from: Having a good amount of prefab manufacturers to choose from gives the client a good selection to compare. Take some time to research and choose a company that aligns with your design preferences and budget.

How to Build Your Own Prefab Garden Office

This comprehensive step-by-step is designed to walk you through the process of building your own prefab garden office using prefabrication as a construction method. To ensure a successful outcome, carefully consider your priorities before initiating any design or construction work.

1. Assess your space and requirements

This new workspace will be built in your own garden. Take some time to analyse the area: evaluate the available space in your garden and determine the most suitable location, size and layout.

At this stage, it is essential to check the local regulations, as the planning requirements vary enormously from one location to another. Contact your local planning authority to get to know the different regulations your garden office needs to adhere to.

2. Set a realistic budget

Define your financial capacity and set a realistic limit to your budget beforehand to avoid future inconveniences. One of the biggest advantages of opting for prefab as a construction method is that the out-of-quote costs commonly experienced by traditional construction are rare.

The final cost of your garden office project is typically agreed upon at the start of the project. Still, keep in mind that the initial price openly displayed by each model is the so-called base price. The final amount is calculated after all design customisations are done and the manufacturer has assessed the land situation.

3. Design your Garden Office

The easiest way to start designing a Garden office is by selecting a predesigned model. Choosing the model that best suits you is quite an easy task as you can quickly see how it looks, how much it costs, and how big it is by browsing through the selection of garden offices.

The amount of customisation and design choices depend on each model, ranging from choosing among finishing materials to designing the entire space from scratch. Still, it is in the design stage that every detail is decided. Make sure every element is exactly what you are looking for, such as:

Interior finishes: Choose the materials and colours that best align with your style and consider what type of work environment you prefer. For example, if you would like to work in a bright office space, choose light colours; If your priority is to create a sense of warmth and cosiness, choose wooden finishes.

Exterior finishes: The roofing and cladding materials you select will define the appearance of your garden office, make sure to opt for an aesthetic that harmoniously blends with both your garden and your house. Consider as well, a material selection that provides adequate weather protection with proper insulation and double-glazing windows.

Openings and ventilation: Pay special attention to the number, size, and location of the windows and doors, as they are essential elements to allow ample natural light and fresh air indoors.

Heating and cooling systems: Depending on the climate, install appropriate heating and/or cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

The EestiHouse K is a unique predesigned model


4. Prepare the site

Since the construction of a prefab garden office takes place off-site, this step can often happen at the same time as site preparation. Depending on your garden design, you may need to clear some vegetation and possible obstructions from the designated building area. Also, in some cases, levelling the ground will be required to ensure a solid and even foundation.

The type and complexity of the foundations required will depend on both the soil conditions and the model’s requirements. Some prefab garden offices might require building a concrete base or footings for stability while others can be installed on ready-made pile-screw foundations [1]. At this stage, utilities such as electricity, water and even internet connectivity might also be prepared.

5. Construction of the garden office

As the construction of a prefab garden office takes place off-site, it is common for this step to take place simultaneously with site preparation. The model is built in the manufacturer’s factory exactly as defined during the design process, hence the importance of verifying every design aspect beforehand.

Once finished, it is delivered to your garden fully finished. Elements such as interior and exterior finishes, doors, windows, proper insulation, wiring and plumbing are all included. In most cases the same prefab company will be in charge of assembling the unit on-site, connecting to the utilities and completing some final finishes.

6. Landscaping and final touches

Once the construction is completed, some landscaping work might be necessary to obtain the beautiful finished look you have imagined. Landscaping the outdoor space with an inviting entryway or a path could be a nice way to integrate the new garden office into your backyard.

While most prefab garden offices look quite finished indoors at this point, you can create your own dedicated workspace by decorating and adding your choice of office furniture. Focus on functionality and comfort by choosing ergonomic furniture and adequate lighting, such as desk lamps. Also consider storage solutions like bookcases, office drawers or filling cabinets to keep your office organised and clutter-free.

Is it Worth Building a Prefab Garden Office

A garden office is a good solution for those working from home, as having a separate dedicated space greatly enhances productivity and work-life balance. Still, if you aren’t sure a prefab garden office is a good choice for you, listed below are some of the most important things to consider before starting this project.

  • You have enough garden space: While prefab garden offices are small, usually from 15 to 30 sqm, you need a backyard big enough to comfortably install it.
  • Your budget is limited: Choosing a prefab construction allows you to finally have the separate space you needed to be productive at work without having to invest a great amount of money.

garden office is a good solution for those working from home,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to build a garden office?

The cost of building a garden office varies depending on factors such as size, materials, and additional features. Most prefab garden offices are budget-friendly, the Living Box from Inboxlifestyle, for example, has a base price as low as 15,000€.

Do I need planning permission for a garden office?

Planning permission regulations differ between regions, even inside the same country. In Europe and the UK, some planning requirements are commonly required. To know exactly what applies to your area, consult with your local planning authority.

How long does it take to build a prefab garden office?

The overall construction process takes about 3 to 4 months [2]. However, most of the construction work takes place off-site and won’t affect your daily life at home. The most noticeable work will be the assembly of the unit, which in most cases, can be done in just 1 to 2 hours [3].

[1]Eesti House
[2]Nord Cabin
[3]Modern Modular
Featured image: The base price of the M24 Garden Office from Mcabinline is 26,900€

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