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Koleliba roots in traditional carpentry and uses architecture as a tool to produce small scale homes that cater memorable experience.

Koleliba as we called our first tiny house prototype, grew up from being a personal dream chase to a family run brand. Koleliba embodies our response to the invading consumerism that encourages us to always want our homes bigger, better and unnecessary luxurious. Our tiny houses are a step back towards a simpler life without excesses but full of free time, joy and ease.

We believe in experiential architecture – an architecture that serves the needs with a focus on giving pleasure to all the senses – touch, sight and even smell. And this is what moves our tiny house design process.

Аrchitecture is just the beginning of the building process. We know craftsmanship and physical labor are crucial part of any innovation. Building tiny means building with a lot of precision and understanding. Limited spaces require creativity and involve complicated overlapping of installations and structure. So we keep learning, keep testing and experimenting to improve ourselves and perform better with each house we built.


Manufactured in Bulgaria


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    Dimitar Genev

    Super creative company, with world class professionals.
    If you are looking for a tiny house or any alternative outdoor place to live in, I totally recomend Koleliba.

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    Jana Tepe

    Koleliba built a wonderful tiny house for us which is now located next to the German North Sea. We can absolutely recommend their work. They are very customer-centric, creative, solution-oriented and friendly :-).

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