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Mini Pod is a tiny house built by Koleliba, a manufacturer based in Bulgaria. This tiny house provides 14 m² of living space, which can accommodate 2 people.

Mini Pods by Koleliba are small tiny houses built to offer an essential shelter to spend time in nature. They are built in two lengths 4,5m and 5,5m. The distinctive house-like shape turns them into a cabin to remember.

Main characteristics:

  • Memorable house-like shape of the pod
  • Big panoramic window to let the nature inside
  • Oiled spruce cladding to blend the house with its surroundings
  • Sloped metal roof and facade with gritted texture paint
  • All birch plywood interior
  • Queen or king-sized bed with drawers
  • Full-sized bathroom, featuring black details
  • Compact, yet functional kitchenette
  • Warderobe space
  • Room for kid’s bed
  • Trailer included in price


  • Different color schemes of the Mini Pod exterior and interior are offered upon request.
  • Price excludes transport and installation costs
  • Discounts are offered on multiple-unit orders.


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