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Gradina Tiny is a tiny house built by Koleliba, a manufacturer based in Bulgaria. This tiny house provides 9 m² of living space which can accommodate up to two people.


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Koleliba tiny houses are made for all-year round usage. They have timber structural skeleton and offer good insulation in roof, walls and floors. Ventilated facades and roofs are used to keep the house cooler in summer and less prone to moisture issues and condensation in winter.

We offer houses built on park trailers, suitable for larger and heavier houses that are seldomly moved, or mobile trailers (Vlemmix range) for smaller, lighters houses that will go on the road more often.

Park trailer - Koleliba
• custom made steel frame trailer, anticorrosion black paint, spray painted
• removable drawbar, for safety and aesthetics
• 4/6/8 adjustable supporting legs
• 2 axles, 4 wheels hubs, 1 coupler, 4 rims - spray painted in black to match trailer
• 4 extra strong cargo tires

Note: Park trailers, are not allowed to go on the public roads, houses are transported to location via trucks. Trailer is used for local positioning only.

Mobile trailer – Vlemmix
• Legislated trailer /EC Certificate of Conformity, Tüv Süd, ISO 9606-1/
• Knott axles with waterproof bearings
• Stainless steel brake cables
• Waterproof LED light on the side
• Chassis completely welded and galvanized both on the inside and on the outside
• Heavy folding nose wheel

Our houses have timber structural skeleton. We use high quality timber, certified for building purposes /KVH, C24, FSC certified/
• Structural skeleton made out of 60x40mm or 50x100mm timber studs
• 9mm waterproof plywood between trailer and timber structure
• 21mm plywood sub-floor layer
• 18mm plywood roof substructure

Facades and roof
All our houses have a ventilated facades and roofs which aims at keeping the house cooler in summer and less prone to moisture issues and condensation in winter.
• Double grid ventilation batten system on walls and roof, using 20x30mm studs
• Anti-insect net at the façade bottom
• Perforated ridge roof elements
• Spruce cladding, FSC certified, oiled with linen-based oils, front and back, different board types available
• Standing seam metal roofing system, RAL color of choice, gritted texture for extra durability

• On tiny houses - Thermally insulated aluminum glazing ETEM, double glazing, textured paint, RAL color – sliding ang hinged options
• On Mini and Glamping pod - PVC Gealan profiles, double glazing, anthracite color – hinged only options
• Mosquito nets available

Insulation is a key element in every building, so we take it seriously
• On the exterior side of structure - DuPont Tyvek Solid breather membrane system
• On the interior side of structure – Knauf LDS vapor barrier
• Thermal insulation – Knauf/Fibran rockwool, min 50kg/m3, 0,035 W/mk

Note: other types of thermal insulation available upon request

• Plumbing - pvc pipes and fittings, external cold water inlet, sewage pvc piping
• Electrical - fire resistant cabling throughout, BG compliant fuse-board, external electrical connections
• Switches, sockets – TEM brand. White, cream or mat black colors available
• Lighting – as per approved electrical plan: ceiling lights – spot or track lighting, bedside lights, LED strip lights built in furniture pieces, damp-proof bathroom lights, damp-proof façade light
• Heating/Cooling – We could offer different heating sources like – air-conditioning, electrical radiators, infrared heating, wood-burning stoves, pallet stoves etc.
• Gas installation – Usually gas installation is needed when the house is going to be off-grid. Typically, there is instant heating gas boiler, gas hobs and sometimes gas heating.

Note: External plumbing connections are to be made on site. Regional specific electrical requirements to be agreed if necessary.

Our tiny houses are clad in sheets of birch plywood
• Walls - 6mm birch plywood, treated with linen-based oils /semi- transparent colors available/
• Floors – 14mm technical parquet with 4mm oak upper layer or Arbiton LVT/SPC laminates

• Seamless Rubber liquid insulation for protection in wet zones
• In shower niche and behind basin unit – Dumapan PVC tiles
• Shower tray
• 8mm glass shower partition with rubber seals
• Shower, column type – chrome or matt black
• Toilet – Trobolo composting toilet , Separett toilet or standard WC
• Basin with faucet and cabinet under
• Ventilation – natural through window or via ventilator

We offer bespoke cabinetry to use the space in best way possible. The built-in furniture design is made by our architects and feels like a continuation of the interior.
• Bespoke plywood furniture – 18mm birch plywood fronts and visible sides, white chipboard where not seen,
• Blum mechanisms
• Oiled with linen based oils

• Liebherr fridges
• Eurolux stoves, hobs, kitchen extractors
• Electric boiler – Ariston Velis Evo, 60 or 80l /If off-grid – instant heating gas boiler/
• Sink and faucet in the kitchen – composite stone

To fully finish the house we offer textiles solutions to complement the interior:
• Linen curtains and/or roller blinds /optional/
• “Sleepy” memory foam mattresses and bed frames /optional/
• Fold out futon /optional/

Off-grid solutions
The off-grid solutions will give you the opportunity to use your house in the wilderness and still have the usual comforts:
• Victron based solar system with solar panels, sized according to consumption of tiny house and location
• Petrol generator to back up the solar system, if necessary
• Water tanks, pumps and filters system to connect to water source
• Grey water filtration system or grey water tank

Note: Off-grid solutions require a certain level of understanding and some operation in place in order to use them optimally.

Other extras
• Timber step ladder to house entrance /different width options/
• Modular decking system with adjustable height legs
• Garden swing

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