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2.5blokki home B is a modular house built by blokki, a prefab manufacturer based in Czechia. The house provides 64 m² of living space, with three bedrooms and one bathroom.


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2.5blokki home B for a residential living

2.5blokki home B is built based on two forty-foot shipping containers and one shortened in half. This variant differs from the 2.5blokki home A construction by the internal layout of 4kk with three bedrooms of the same size, while in the 2.5blokki home A variant there are only two bedrooms. The advantage is the possibility of using the middle bedroom, for example, as a dressing room or pantry, so there will be plenty of storage space in the house. In the visualization, the building is complemented by a pleasant deck.

House type: Container house
Living space area: 64 m²
External dimension: 12,75m x 7,84m (including an optional deck)

Price excluding VAT
From € 115,600

Important information:
Delivery time: 3-4 months
Assembly: approx. 2 weeks
Standard: Standard: turnkey with optional kitchen and wood stove

Floor plan: 4kk (living area, kitchen, tech room, bathroom, 3 bedrooms)
Built-up area: 85 m²
Living space area: 64 m²
Insulation: 12-14 cm of hard sprayed PUR foam
Class of energy efficiency: class B, low-energy house
Windows: triple glazed windows
Heating/cooling: underfloor electric heating foil
Facade: wood siding (or optional)
Foundation: concrete pillars (footings)

Included in the price:
Complete and finished building in turnkey standard
Complete electrical, water and wastewater installation
Electric exhaust fan in a bathroom and tech-room (if the model has the tech-room)
Fully equipped bathroom

Not included in the price:
Kitchen and steel stove
Crane for lifting the building from a truck
Connection to public utilities
On-site installation

Shipping costs are highly variable. Please contact us with the GPS location of your property and we will be happy to create a calculation for you.

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