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Tiny Green II is a tiny house built by Green Tiny, a manufacturer based in Hungary. This tiny house provides 34 m² of living space which can accommodate up to six people.


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The Tiny Green II is a premium quality, with maximum comfort, that is tailored to your needs. Our Tiny Green model's unique design and layout was planned in such a way as to make the best and most efficient use of the home's interior. In addition to its mobility, the Tiny Green offers a wonderful feeling of homeliness and comfort. Wherever you take your Tiny Green, it will be an amazing experience!

We place a lot of emphasis on environmental consciousness and finding ways of reducing our carbon footprint when planning and constructing our Green Tiny houses. Not only are all appliances installed in our Tiny houses high-quality, but they are also designed to be energy efficient. We ensure that we only use certified eco friendly raw materials to reduce our ecological footprint and we also try using recycled raw materials.

Here we list the Tiny home's appliances and its main amenities, covering their key factors that make them and your Tiny home high-quality!

  • Ground floor area : 21 m2
  • Bathroom : 4.5 m2
  • Children's room : 5.28 m2
  • Bedroom : 7.7 m2
  • Kitchen : 7.7 m2
  • Living room : 8.73 m2
  • Structural elements : 40x100mm BSH (dried structural timber)
  • Internal wall cladding and insulation : 3-layered "A-grade" pine plank
  • Exterior wall cladding : Termowood pine paneling and Lindab new generation roof panel
  • Door and windows : Outward-opening, top-hinged black foil plastic windows with two layers of glued safety glass and an outward-opening entrance patio door with a 5-point safety lock
  • Insulation : 10 cm wool in the walls and ceiling
  • Partition and mezzanine 3-layered "A-grade" pine plank; birch and beech plywood
  • Walkway between the ground floor and mezzanine : Swedish ash wood planks
  • Interior and exterior lighting : Häfele loox5 led lighting
  • Light switches, electrical outlets : Schneider electric Sedna Elements
  • Trailer : Vlemmix TH 840 Classic + four support legs and reinforced 3x1800 axle (factory equipped with 3x1350)
  • Bathroom mirror : Comes with LED lights, polygon design, ARTFORMA
  • Shower : Hansgrohe Vernis Sharpe Showerpipe 230, 1 jet, with a matte black thermostat 26286670
  • Sink faucet : Wellis Mamba tall faucet (30cm)
  • Shower wall : Wellis Astro 120 Corner walk-in Showerwall Easy Clean coating (120x190cm)
  • Bathroom shower tray : Laufen Pro Marbond
  • Sink : Wellis oval matte ceramic blue (40x33cm)
  • Toilet bowl and toilet seat : Geberit built-in flush toilet
  • Toilet bowl and toilet seat : Wellis Clement matte black [1188700], rimless wall toilet + Slim Soft Close Anti-condensation toilet cover


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