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Inspiration is a log house built by Aito Lapland, a house manufacturer based in Finland. This log house has four bedrooms and provides 261.1 m² of living space over two floors.

Inspiration is a stylish and spacious Finnish cottage. One of such models was built in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in 2013. The design of the house is well thought through down to the smallest details and combines functionality with cosiness and comfort. A crucial part of the design consists of large windows of the living room, as well as open spaces of the interior, ensuring that a lot of light enters the house.

Following that approach the central part of the house combines a living room, a kitchen and a dining room into one large space where the dwellers and guests of the house come together for social activities. On the first floor of the house there are also a spacious office and a vacant guest bedroom. Second floor holds three bedrooms, one of the parents, another for the child, as well as a spare bedroom for a possible addition to the family! A particular feature of the house is an elevated tower-like structure, that serves as a studio and a hobby room. It is a perfect place to do some handicrafts, as well as become inspired for different art and work projects.

At the centre of kitchen stands a large chimney that provides warmth on cold winter days. Designed by Finnish brand Tuulikivi, it features large glass doors that do not obstruct the view of the flames, as well as a cooking oven. The kitchen has access to the garden where ingredients for a salad can be freshly picked during warm summer months. The interior design of the house is based on the French Provence style. Matte colours of the interior are pleasing to the eye and include a slightly desaturated tint of Asparagus green and a purple tint of Lavender.


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