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We focused on creating a house that we would love to build, be super comfortable in and innovate the design of tiny houses on wheels in the process.

 This is the result:

  • A modern looking house with elegant, eye-catching lighting
  • We used passive house graded materials to build the best insulated tiny house on wheels on the European market
  • We engineered a foldable terrace with an extra 5 square meters of space to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Sleeps 4 adults comfortably
  • Fully detachable from trailer
Trailer and house dimensions
  • 25 square meters of space including loft and foldable terrace
  • Trailer: 7.2 m x 2.44 m, 3.5 tonnes, 3 axes
  • 4 support feet
  • House dimensions: L 7.2 m x W 2.54 m at the bottom, L 8.5 m x W 2.54 at the top, H 3.97
  • High performance intelligent vapor, wind and water barrier foils that allow diffusion depending on the climate
  • Walls thermal Resistivity value: R-2,9 / 10 cm mineral glass-wool
  • Roof thermal Resistivity value: R-3,46 / 10 cm mineral glass-wool + 5 cm high density sheep wool for air quality control
Floor thermal Resistivity value: R-3.81 / 10 cm graphite infused polystyrene + 2 cm extruded polystyrene
  • Wood siding coated with extra resistant weather paint
  • * up to 12 years warranty
  • Corrugated metal roof
  • Windows: aluminum double paned, tempered windows (3 fixed, 5 operable)
  • Doors: 2 aluminum doors 80x200cm (1 double paned tempered glass, 1 full)
  • 2.1m x 2.4m foldable terrace with 3 support legs
  • Walls – white painted wooden walls and roof
  • Floor – solid wood Oak flooring
  • Bathroom floor – water protected solid wood oak flooring
Electrical system
  • Standard CEE 16A 230v connexion
  • Electrical safety panel running several circuits around the house
  • Multiple outlets around the house
Led lights throughout the house
Water system
  • External water inlet
  • 80L freshwater tank
  • 10L electrical boiler 1300w
  • 57L used water tanks
Heating system
  • Floor heating, 6 square meters with digital thermostat
  • Dickinson Newport solid fuel heater
  • Sleeping place for 4 adults comfortably
Convertible sofa with 150 x 220 cm bed + storage underneath
  • Loft 160 x 240 cm with lights, night table and plug
Staircase with storage and 2 soft-closing big drawers
  • Small grey coffee table and shelves
  • Wardrobe L90 x W60 x H200 cm with ample storage and place for hangers and shoes
Foldable eating/working table 120 x 60 cm + 2 foldable chairs with storage under the table
  • Stainless steel
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Glass and stainless steel sink
Modern silver matted water tap
  • Glass 2 burner gas cooker
  • Ecological oil wooden countertop (food safe)
  • Custom kitchen drawers with soft-closing
  • 2.4 m upper shelf with LED lighting
  • Shower
  • 90×60 cm shower tray with yacht varnished walls
  • Separett Villa 9000 diverting toilet
  • Stylish sink with modern faucet and chromed plumbing
  • Sliding door, shower curtain, electrical plug, round mirror, shelf, towel hook, toilet paper holder, 50 x 100 cm drawer

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