What is a Turnkey Prefab Home

A turnkey prefab is defined as a house that is delivered to you fully finished and ready to operate. However, the term turnkey often leads to confusion as the understanding of a fully finished house varies enormously from one manufacturer to another.

The main reason why manufacturers offer a turnkey delivery is to simplify the purchase and construction process for the client and while the items or services they choose to expand on vary from company to company, there is a basic package that can always be expected even if it looks slightly different.

What should you expect from a turnkey prefab home?

Despite the different interpretations of the term turnkey, you can always expect a turnkey prefab to be equipped in such a way that no construction work is needed once the house is delivered to you.

The Basic Turnkey Package

The package offered is unique and different for every manufacturer, yet there are some elements that are constant and can always be expected among all turnkey prefabricated houses. The elements listed below guarantee that the house is finished and with no need for additional construction work. Therefore, these are always included in a turnkey prefab.

  • Fixtures: Fixtures are those pieces of furniture that are integrated into the construction of the house and can’t be moved freely. The minimum fixtures included by all turnkey prefabs are bathroom and kitchen cabinets and countertops.
  • Interior Finishes: You should expect the floors perfectly finished with either tiles or wooden floors according to your material selection. The walls are also delivered fully finished with all the necessary switches and sockets installed. However, not every turnkey prefab comes with the indoor walls painted.
  • Exterior Finishes: The exterior of a turnkey prefab looks fully finished as it includes all the necessary sidings, roofing tiles, doors and windows.
  • Electrical and plumbing: Absolutely every turnkey prefab is delivered with all the necessary electrical and plumbing works fully completed. The house is always perfectly wired, with gas piping if necessary and all the plumbing ducting, as well as plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets or showers installed and ready to use.
  • Lighting and lamps: While you shouldn’t expect the house to include free-standing ambient or focus lamps, general lighting is always included, as it is provided by LED lamp fixtures that are integrated within the ceiling or walls.

Main services usually included in a Turnkey Prefab House

Generally, turnkey defines the construction elements and finishes included in the house. However, it is common for manufacturers to also include some services contributing to a stress-free house-building process.

Since the term prefab includes a variety of construction types, the services needed to complete the building process may differ. Nonetheless, the services included by pretty much all turnkey prefabricated homes are the following:

  • Feasibility Study: This is a common service offered by the manufacturer to identify any limitations on your property that could interfere with the house delivery or installation.
  • House design: All manufacturers count on a design team that will guide you into the customisations of your house regardless if you chose a pre-designed model or a bespoke design. Designers and/or architects that help you adapt the house design to your needs and personal style offer this service.
  • Off-site manufacturing: No doubt, all manufacturers will build the house off-site in a factory-like environment. The product delivered always includes at least the minimum turnkey package.
  • Transportation: Turnkey prefabricated houses are most often delivered by the manufacturer regardless of the distance travelled. However, the cost of transportation is calculated separately.
  • Assembly and on-site finishes: In most cases, the manufacturer will assemble the house once on its property. Those prefabs that require a more thorough assembly, such as panel-builts or modular projects, need some finishing works that are as well provided by the manufacturer.

What would you like your turnkey prefab to include?

While all turnkey manufacturers deliver their prefabs with the basic package and services, this offering looks quite different for every company. Below we have listed some of the main companies offering turnkey services in Europe and the UK to help you get an idea of what turnkey looks like for all of them.

Passion Smart Houses

turnkey prefab home
Based in Estonia, Passion Smart Houses optimises its basic turnkey package to energy efficiency standards. To do so, it uses premium materials, triple-glazed windows and nordic insulation. Besides the basic turnkey elements, this manufacturer includes a complete HVAC system with the advantage of being ready to connect to solar panels in the future if desired.


Klein Haus

The primary goal of this Dutch company Klein Haus is to offer a selection of modern prefab houses at a reasonable price and ready to install. Therefore, they expand the turnkey services offered and include all the works to install the foundations. Plus once installed, the house is just ready for the client to move in as it is fully furnished and equipped with heating systems.


Brette Haus

Brette Haus is a unique Latvian manufacturer whose offering includes foldable prefab homes. Being foldable is more than a singularity though, as these designs are thought to be easily and rapidly assembled. To enhance these characteristics, Brette House offers the possibility of purchasing a turnkey house that is delivered to you already furnished.


Wee House

The Wee House designs charming, traditional-looking houses and delivers them to you stress-free. They offer multiple supplementary services for those clients based in mainland UK, such as applying for planning consent on your behalf or taking care of the necessary on-site works. Besides the extensive service package, these houses also include heating systems and appliances, all smartly designed to help you reduce your electric bill.


Nomad Container

Nomad Container is a manufacturer based in Romania that offers turnkey delivery options as a solution to help you optimise the cost of the house. Their turnkey prefab home is based on the basic package and services, though they offer high customisation to make sure it adapts to your needs.

Tini Living

Tini Living offers a very complete turnkey delivery that includes some furniture pieces, such as the bed frame with its nightstands for a complete bedroom. Other additional elements, such as an integrated fridge, or heating and cooling systems, are also part of their generous package. Still, what makes this company’s turnkey prefabs stand out is the additional photovoltaic installation. Additional services, such as building the foundations on-site are also available for those clients based in Madrid, Spain.



This Estonian company Eestihouse has designed its turnkey package as a solution to save you time and money. Their houses are specially thought of as a getaway location or a tourist rental investment that can be installed fast, easily and at a low cost. For this reason, their turnkey package includes a fully finished house with some furniture pieces such as the bed frame.


Add a Room

Add a Room is a Danish manufacturer with a turnkey option design as a solution to simplify the house-building process. To do so, they accompany their clients throughout the entire process from the very beginning when they design the house, until its delivery. They take care of the building permit application for you and help coordinate the different professionals and takes place on-site.

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