Prefab homes manufacturers

A great way of starting your building journey is to use our business directory, which includes dozens of prefab home manufacturers operating within the European Economic Area. Under each manufacturer’s profile, you will find the prefab homes they currently have for sale, as well as their contact details.

If you would rather search by house model, take a look at our advanced search page, where you can filter prefab homes by size, price or project location.


65013 Citta Sant‘Angelo, Italy
    6900 Skjern, Denmark
      96930 Rovaniemi, Finland
      76101 Vasalemma, Estonia
      12435 Berlin, Germany
        8010 Graz, Austria
          530190 Miercurea Ciuc, Romania
          1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
          11216 Tallinn, Estonia
          1075 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands
          70303 Leie, Naaritsa küla, Estonia
          LV-1011 Riga, Latvia
          2250 Ptuj, Slovenia
          3385 Gerersdorf, Austria
            3085TH Rotterdam, Netherlands
            245500 Brezoi, Romania

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