• 2
  • Bedrooms
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 49.8
  • SP-27757
  • Model reference


RMB Modul 60 is a modular house built by RMB Modulbau, a prefab manufacturer based in Slovenia. This modular house provides 49.8 m² of living space with two bedrooms and one bathroom.


  • Europe

The RMB Modul 60 has a wonderful interior layout, suitable for all types of living and for different environments - by the sea, by the lake or in the mountains...

Module RMB 60 is a modern architectural house in which the highest technological and ecological standards are applied. At the customer's request, it can be fully equipped - turnkey or custom designed, with a choice of room layouts, window arrangements, flooring, heating type and exterior facades. With the RMB 60 module you get an incredibly efficient house with low energy consumption, ideal for a single household, which can always adapt to the current situation.

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RMB Modulbau
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