Top 10 Most Popular Prefab House Models in September 2022

Prefabricated homes are rising in popularity around the world, for good reason. There are hundreds of chic and modern prefabricated house models on the market these days, granting homeowners the opportunity to purchase sturdy, eco-friendly, and eye-catching housing at a fraction of the price of traditional real estate. Check out our list of the top 10 most popular prefab house models for September 2022 and discover your perfect home!

1. Tesla Smart Home (Medium)

Image courtesy of: Tesla Smart Home model Medium House

Combining a sleek wood and glass exterior with full-service Smart Home living, the Tesla Smart Home is a perfect example of the staggering achievements that are possible with modern prefabricated house models. Featuring two bedrooms and a stunning 29m² terrace, the Tesla can connect with your smartphone to monitor and control just about every aspect of your home. You can unlock the door, dim the lights, control the blinds, and even shut off the electricity or water supply from anywhere in the world.

2. Spars Home

Image courtesy of: SPARS AP model 60m2 House

This 60m² home by Spars offers endless customisability combined with timeless style. With its soaring wall-to-ceiling windows, thoughtfully-placed skylights, and rustic wood interior, it’s easy to see why this home is one of the most popular prefab house models out there. This home comes fully wired and equipped with septic hookups; all it needs is a solid foundation to rest on.

3. ÖÖD Mirror House

Image courtesy of: ÖÖD model ÖÖD Mirror House

With three reflective outer walls and a fully portable design, the ÖÖD Mirror House offers the best in Nordic minimalism. This tiny home blends effortlessly into its surroundings, mirroring the natural beauty of your chosen homestead. The walls are built to last with high-quality steel beams, and the bedroom alcove sleeps two people comfortably.

4. Tinybee House

Image courtesy of: Tinybee House

Tiny dwellings continue to be among the most in-demand modern prefabricated house models, and the Tinybee makes it easy to see why. Designed to make the most of every square centimetre, the Tinybee somehow finds room within its 29m² living area for a kitchenette, dining table, and enough sleeping space for four people. As a bonus, the Tinybee is fully portable and can be equipped with solar panels, water tanks, and a composting toilet for off-the-grid living.

5. The Barn House

Image courtesy of: Youngman Lovell model The Barn House

Of course, tiny living isn’t your only option among popular prefab house models. The Barn House boasts two floors, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, all housed within a chic exterior that comes in an array of styles and colours. Most prefabs are more eco-friendly than your average stick-built home, but the Barn House takes it to another level with its carbon-neutral footprint, sustainably sourced materials, and built-in compatibility with renewable energy sources.

6. Ursa T.O.W.

Image courtesy of: Madeiguincho, Woodwork Studio model URSA T.O.W.

Ingenuity and ambition reign supreme among designers of prefabricated dwellings, and the Ursa T.O.W. exemplifies these traits to perfection. Capable of housing a family within 17m², the Ursa T.O.W. uses solar panels and wind turbines to grow food, collect water, and power a modern lifestyle. This dwelling is also fully mobile; it’s essentially a living organism in its own right, ready to support you and your loved ones on your journey into one hundred percent sustainable living.

7. Muhu

Image courtesy of: Akso-Haus model Muhu

You have not known luxury until you have stepped inside the Muhu modular cabin by Akso-Haus. The generous 34m² living space features an open dining area, soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, and a roomy sleeping loft with a domed skylight. For those truly looking to live it up, this stunning home can even come equipped with a lavish and well-appointed sauna.

8. Cabin One

image courtesy of: Home One model Cabin One

At the other end of the spectrum of popular prefab house models, Cabin One is an exemplar of minimalist design. Able to accommodate up to four people comfortably, this 28 m² home incorporates large windows and an open, airy design replete with clever built-ins and convenient storage solutions. Cabin One offers several add-ons like smart technology, off-grid capability, and a spacious terrace, so you can customise your build to your liking.

9. Camping House

Image courtesy of: Tesla Smart Home model Camping House

Another minimalist design with maximum impact, the Camping House by Tesla features full integration with your smartphone, tablet, and other internet devices, allowing you to control the temperature and lighting no matter where you are. The 18.3m² living space opens onto a sweeping deck that almost doubles the total area of the house, providing the perfect setting for entertaining outdoors.

10. Model T – Young

Image courtesy of: A-FOLD Model T – Young

The Model T – Young by A-FOLD is a charming geometric modular home with two floors of living space. Among the most customisable modern prefabricated house models out there, the Model T – Young can be shaped to suit any lifestyle, whether you’re a vacation rental owner looking to add a cabin to your property or a young family searching for your dream home. Add a covered veranda to the second floor to better admire the scenery!

Who Builds the Best Prefab Homes?

When shopping around for the most popular prefab house models, it’s wise to choose a reputable designer with confirmed expertise in the industry. You can check out our manufacturers section to find your prefabricated dwelling from a prefab manufacturer near you, you’re guaranteed to see a fine selection of meticulously crafted homes that are built to withstand the test of time.

What is the Difference Between a Modular Home and a Prefab?

All modular homes are prefabricated, but not every prefab qualifies as modular. The difference is that modular homes consist of customisable components that can be shifted around to accommodate different needs and lifestyles. “Prefabricated” refers to the fact that prefab and modular structures are built in factories and assembled at their designated construction sites.

How Long Will a Prefab House Last?

Prefabs are at least as sturdy as stick-built houses, and many of them last much longer. Modern prefabricated house models are built from sturdy, high-quality materials that are designed to withstand turbulence during transportation. A well-maintained prefab can last you anywhere from 30 to over 100 years.

The Bottom Line

If you’re having trouble deciding which prefabricated home is right for you, our list of the most popular prefab house models is a great place to start. Browse the collection today!

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