Prefab homes

Production to Delivery of Norges Hus Modular Homes

Behind the Scenes: From Production to Delivery of Norges Hus Modular Homes

In the realm of modern housing solutions, modular homes have emerged as a revolutionary way to provide sustainable, efficient, and high-quality housing. Norges Hus, a prominent player in the modular housing industry, has been making waves with its innovative approach to home construction. In this article, we delve into the behind-the-scenes process of how Norges Hus manufactures and delivers its...

buying a house under 100k

Buying a House Under 100k: A Step by Step Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of acquiring the budget-friendly house you’ve been dreaming about. Here you’ll find all the information needed: from choosing the right type of house to comparing among the wide range of offers and successfully finalising your purchase, we've got you covered every step of the way. By focusing on a prefab type of home, the number of...

How Much Do Modular Homes Cost to Build

How Much Do Modular Homes Cost to Build

The average modular house has a cost of around 100k, yet the final amount tends to rise above this value. The price of manufacturing a modular home remains untouched throughout the process as it takes place in a factory-like environment. However, in most cases, to complete the process of building a modular house, further costs should be considered and added to the initial value. To get a real modular...

Can you build a house for 100k

Can you Build a House for 100K

Despite the current market situation in Europe and the UK, it is still possible to build a house for as low as 100.000€. Choosing to self-build your own house will give you full control over every building decision, allowing you to opt for those solutions that have a lower impact on the final price. Some of the most important tips to consider: Choose the right construction method Find a...

tiny house use as garden annexe is a good idea

Is Buying a Tiny House as a Garden Annexe a good idea

Choosing a tiny house to serve as a garden annexe will provide some extra space to your home while saving you money, time and headaches. A garden annexe is a small construction that is separated from the main house yet placed in your curtilage area. This type of construction is quite common in Europe and especially popular in the UK, where it is usually referred to as a granny annexe. Annexes are...

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in the UK 2023

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in the UK 2023

Understanding if it is cheaper to buy or build a home is a complex question. The first step is to understand the cost of house building in the UK. Buyers should consider all associated costs and benefits before deciding whether to invest in a conventional property or build a house from scratch. The average cost of building a house in the UK varies dramatically depending on the location. However, there...

sustainable construction methods

Sustainable Construction Methods

Implementing sustainable methods in the construction process is an effective solution to reduce the environmental impact produced by the different house-building practices. The construction industry is one of the sectors with higher environmental damage as a result of elevated greenhouse gas emissions and waste production. Therefore, choosing green building practices is the most responsible...

Building an Annexe in the Garden

Building an Annexe in the Garden

In the UK, building an annexe in the garden is quite common and if you own a big enough property, you will most likely be able to raise it. These types of constructions are sometimes, even encouraged by the UK government. However, the legal procedures required to build a garden annexe are sometimes confusing and contradictory. The reason behind it is simple: there are different types of buildings that can...


The Benefits of Building your Own Home

Building your own house allows you to create your dream home rather than adapting your lifestyle to a house that was already built. In the UK, the most common procedure chosen to acquire a new residential property is purchasing an existing house. While this might work for some, most have a very difficult time finding a house in the right location, with the layout they need and for the price range they can...

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