10 Stunning Modular Homes for Sale Under 50k

You have heard of all the wonderful benefits of prefab houses, and you are ready to jump into this next phase of your life. But wait — how will you afford it?

The good news is that while you can invest in the luxury modular homes for sale, there are also many budget-friendly options on the market.

Learn more about how you can find prefab homes that won’t break the bank.

Modern Style Modular Houses Under 50k

House prices are rising quickly, but that doesn’t mean affordable options have disappeared. For homeowners wanting a home for less than 50k, prefab houses could be what you’re looking for.

Affordable does not need to mean cheap quality. To ensure you are getting the most of your invested funds, take a look at these quality prefab homes for sale and see if any fit your modular house dreams.

1. Modern Standard

The Modern Standard model maintains the cosiness that many modular home enthusiasts love, but gives you more elbow room. The design can also be customised to suit an open concept lover or someone who likes their own space by adding more barriers or taking them away.

This is a fully electric design with underfloor heating, a full bathroom, and much more. Consider this top pick for your new home.
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modern standard modular home

2. House Module 35

For those on a budget, you want every bit of your investment to go towards your dream home. House Module 35 gives you the space you need with all the details that make this design perfectly fitted to your taste. With built-in wardrobes that make storage a breeze to high-quality veneered doors, you will see that every piece of this home is meant to make your dreams a reality.

3. NC 30

If you want to get back to nature and constantly remind yourself of what is truly important, NC 30 is a perfect choice.

This model is highly environmentally friendly and is made from natural materials like wood. However, this does not mean you need to forget about all modern luxuries, such as electric towel dryers and heat pump systems.

nordcabin nc30

4. Nidus Condor 4M

This prefab home all comes down to one word: space! With 72 square metres of living space for you and your crew, you will be having to brainstorm how you will use it all compared to other modern living spaces. If you want twice the space that you will get from other prefab homes, take a look at the Nidus Condor 4M.

Condor 4M

5. Type V23

For those who want to prioritise their minimalist, sleek, and modern design preferences, the Type V23 will not disappoint. Made with sustainable materials and premium interior options available, it’s hard to say no to this beautiful space.

6. Keu Pocket

The Keu Pocket is small but mighty. It may only offer 19 square metres of space, but the luxury of it all will have you doing a double take. Getting closer to nature has never been so luxurious as with this affordable housing.

7. EestiHouse L2

Reach new heights with this multi-level prefab home, EestiHouse L2. This is outfitted with many amenities you will love, including beautiful kitchen furniture and wood finishes.

8. EestiHouse H66

Spend a little more, and you could spring for the EestiHouse H66 and you will get twice the space. It shares the beautiful wood features, integrated bed base, easy installation, and much more — all under 50k.

eestihouse h66

9. Cirulis

The Cirulis is simple, but classic. It offers everything people are looking for in modular homes for sale and all at a great price. This strong, reliable prefab house is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget.

cmb housings solutions cirulis

10. M20

Based on three modules put together, the M20 provides the structure to create a beautiful home. Electricity and plumbing will need to be added, but can be ready to go in a few days. And when it’s ready, you will swoon for all the beautiful small touches that make this prefab house a home.

M20 mcabinline

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Are They Energy Efficient?

When you have various contractors working on one house, you may find yourself with varying quality. If any factors contributing to energy efficiency are lacking, you could see that significantly reflected in your energy bills.

With prefab homes for sale, factory-built means more consistent results. Every home will have high-quality insulation which directly corresponds to a home’s ability to retain cool air in summer and warm air in winter.

Additionally, modular homes for sale are smaller than the average site-built home. This means that it will take less energy to make the entire home feel comfortable.

What About Planning Permission?

Planning permission is a necessary part of building modular homes. Planning permission is official consent from your local administration that you have permission to build. This ensures that communities are able to maintain their development and prevent inappropriate behaviours.

To apply, you will need to contact your local authority charged with this task. You must ensure all your plans are up to the requirements of your community and be prepared with documentation.

How Easy Is It Getting a Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage is complicated, confusing for many, and is not a guarantee. Without the right factors working in your favour, you may not find the mortgage with the terms that work for your financial future. Everything from your credit history to your income will be heavily scrutinised.

A far more enjoyable solution is being able to afford your home from the beginning or with minimal financing plans. This is what prefabricated homes offer their residents – a house they can truly afford.

So rather than going through the long and complicated process of getting a mortgage, skip it and get a house you love without the financial pressure.

Find Modular Homes for Sale with Prices That Fit Your Budget

Stop saving for years on end, only to realise you are not getting the assistance you need for the house of your dreams. With a prefab house, you can get a gorgeous home starting at less than 50k. you will love your new prefabricated housing without having to go into serious debt.

Whether this inspires you to set your budget lower or gives you the push you need to consider prefab housing more seriously, learn more about how you can find modular homes for sale that suit your style and budget.

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