10 Budget-Friendly Prefab Designs Under 100k

We explore cost-effective prefab homes, showcasing ten impressive choices below €100,000. These affordable prefab designs under 100k combine practicality, contemporary style, and eco-friendliness, making home ownership a reachable goal for various buyers.

The Allure of Prefab Living Under €100,000

Prefab homes, known for their modular design and factory production, have significantly evolved from the simplistic notions of the past. Today, they embody a blend of aesthetic appeal, functional design, and environmental sustainability, all while maintaining an attractive price point. This evolution has made them an appealing option for first-time homeowners, downsizers, and eco-conscious individuals alike.

Cabini by TF Lavanda

cabini prefab design model under 100k

The Cabini model shines with its eco-friendly design and attention to detail. Made from wood, metal, and fibre cement, it features a minimalist interior bathed in natural light from large windows, creating a close bond with nature. Features include a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with modern amenities, and panoramic terraces, wrapped in a package of high-quality materials and advanced insulation techniques. It elevates the idea of affordable luxury within its 36 m² of living space.

Modern Exclusive V1 by Mevena

prefab design under 100k mevena model exclusive

The Modern Exclusive V1 by Mevena is a 48 m² modular house with two bedrooms and one bathroom, designed for year-round living. It features all-electric utilities, high ceilings, large windows with a sliding system, and an expensive finish inside. The house includes LED lights with dimmers, internet and TV connections, a ceramic-tiled bathroom, floor heating in every room, and a luxe bathroom with a walk-in shower and nice furniture. This model is available for delivery to Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

House Module Sauna 3 by Norge House

prefab design under 100k norge house module 3 sauna

The House Module Sauna 3 by Norge House offers a compact space designed for 2, featuring a bedroom, bathroom, and the luxury of a sauna. It’s built on sturdy foundations with excellent insulation, a durable metal roof, and comes with all necessary electrical and plumbing systems, along with heating and ventilation. The interior boasts wood-finished doors, durable vinyl flooring, and a wooden decorative exterior, making it a cosy yet modern living space. Delivery is available worldwide, not including certain external costs.

Brick42 by Modula-re SA

prefab designs under 100k madi brick

The M.A.DI Brick, priced is a compact and stylish modular cabin offering 25 m² of living space. It features two sleeping areas and one bathroom, making it ideal for individuals or small families. This model is designed with functionality and modern aesthetics in mind, emphasising a seamless blend of comfort and style. With worldwide delivery, the M.A.DI Brick includes an equipped kitchen among its features, highlighting its readiness for immediate occupancy and everyday living.

River by Aurora Company

prefab designs under 100k aurora company river

The River by Aurora Company is a spacious tiny house designed for 4-6 people. It features a unique layout with two mezzanines connected by a “bridge,” emphasising a close connection to nature through its bright, cosy interior laden with wood elements. This model boasts energy-saving features and a year-round living design, suitable for families with children.

Glass Stone 33 by Inboxlifestyle

prefab designs under 100k inboxlifestyle glass stone

The Glass Stone 33 by Inboxlifestyle is a cabin offering 33 m² of cosy living space, featuring one bedroom and one bathroom. Crafted in Latvia, it boasts a steel structure insulated with 150 mm PIR panels for optimal comfort. Its interior and exterior are thoughtfully designed with decorative wood and thermal wood, respectively. Modern amenities include a fully equipped bathroom with a washing machine, a kitchen with comprehensive appliances, wardrobes for storage, and state-of-the-art ventilation with recuperation alongside air conditioning and heated flooring

Blokki Mini by Blokki

prefab under designs under 100k blokki_blokki-mini-008-1

The Blokki Mini by Blokki is a compact and versatile modular cabin designed to blend functionality with modern aesthetics. Ideal for various uses from a cosy retreat to an efficient workspace, it incorporates high-quality materials and smart design to maximise comfort and utility within its space.

Koleliba Weekend

prefab designs under 100k koleliba weekend

The Koleliba Weekend is a modular home designed for those seeking a compact yet comfortable retreat. It blends modern design with the essentials for a weekend getaway, offering a unique living experience close to nature. This model prioritises sustainability and minimalist living, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals or those looking for a peaceful escape.

Q-Home Chalet 24

prefab designs under 100k q home chalet

The Q-Home Chalet 24 is a charming modular cabin designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. It offers a compact living solution without compromising on style or comfort, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a serene retreat.

Marida M-40 by Modular Homes

prefab designs under 100k modular homes marida

Rounding out our list. The Marida M-40 by Modular Homes offers a modern living solution with 40 m² of space designed to combine style, efficiency, and comfort. It’s crafted for those who value both aesthetic appeal and practicality in their living space.


These Budget-Friendly Prefab Designs Under 100k showcase the incredible diversity and innovation within the realm of affordable housing. Whether you’re drawn to the serene simplicity of the Blokki Mini, the eco-conscious elegance of the Cabini, or the unique charm of the House Module Sauna 3, there’s a prefab home to meet every taste and budget. With sustainability, modern design, and affordability at the forefront, these homes illustrate that the dream of owning a beautiful and affordable house is well within reach.

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