An interview with Gregor Spitalar, CEO of RMB Modulbau

Gregor Spitalar, CEO of RMB Modulbau, discusses the benefits of prefab and modular building and common misconceptions in the prefab world.

What are some common misunderstandings about prefab, and how should people think about them instead?

A common misconception around prefab is that it is cheaper, or of lower quality, than other building solutions.

People should think that it is faster, sustainable and easier. Modular houses are a promising living concept because they consist of individual prefabricated building elements, or housing units, that can be combined and separated again depending on the circumstances. This has the advantage of being able to adapt to different life situations.

What makes your houses different from other modular houses on the market?

The unique hot-dip galvanized steel frame construction that is developed and built according to the latest European standards and technologies. Combined with our experience, high production quality and high-quality materials, we guarantee the best product.

What are the main benefits of modular houses, and why should one choose RMB Modulbau when buying a modular house?

The first benefit is that modular houses offer a high degree of design freedom and ensure a wide range of individuality in the construction of buildings of all kinds. The ability to adapt to different architectural styles ensures harmonious integration with the surroundings and the environment. The RMB modular design is playful, very varied and fun. By choosing the shape of the roof, the facade (we use wood, fiber cement panels optionally in various combinations) and the windows and doors, even the most demanding conditions for proper placement in space can be met (room plans, landscape parks, etc.).

The second benefit is time and cost savings. The home building journey with the RMB modular construction is much faster than with the conventional construction, since the majority of the modular object is already finished in production. As a result, only a few – smaller and final – construction works are carried out on the construction site. This significantly reduces construction costs and time. For instance, we can erect a small modular house in just 24 hours. Depending on the agreed construction phase, the modular object is manufactured in our factory in eight to twelve weeks.

The third benefit of RMB modular design are the expansion and mobility options. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the module object can be easily expanded with one or more additional modules. It may also be reduced by removing one or more modules. The RMB modules easily adapt to the customer’s situation and needs. And if the customer moves, his modular house can also move with him.

Another benefit of modular houses is their minimal environmental impact. Environmental protection and sustainability are the basic guidelines when constructing modular buildings. Only natural and environmentally friendly materials are used, which ensure the most comfortable living environment. All building materials can be easily recycled, in an environmentally friendly way.

RMB modular homes have the best thermal insulation, using the latest and best technology in space heating and cooling. We also offer intelligent ventilation and other modern technological solutions that together increase the quality of living. Upon customer request, we can also upgrade the modular house with a solar system, to build a passive and slightly self-sufficient house. The environmental impact of installing the RMB modules on a construction site is minimal compared to other construction methods due to less noise, dust, fumes, waste, sewage and traffic.

Last but not least, RMB modules are manufactured under controlled production conditions in weather-protected and air-conditioned workshops. The production plan and other manual work are precisely defined and controlled. Weather conditions have no influence on the production process. The delivery time of the system can be determined, as can other work on the construction site and above all, the time of moving in.

Unlike conventional prefabricated houses that are assembled on the construction site, RMB modules are 90% completed in production halls. During production, construction work is carried out on the construction site and the necessary documentation is completed. After the RMB modular building has been erected, it can be moved into immediately.

RMB Modul 80

What should customers expect from RMB MODULBAU?

We offer our customers everything from a single source. From conception to advice, to turnkey project implementation, our entire team of professionals is constantly striving to meet the needs of our customers. Our basic guideline is to offer maximum flexibility and quality materials at the best price. We offer our customers optimal building solutions, and have a great catalog of modular houses that can be adapted to our customers’ wishes.

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