10 Best Tiny Houses Under 100K in 2022

The tiny house boom of the last decade or so has continued into 2022, with more and more homeowners drawn to the simplicity and minimalism offered by this lifestyle. But just how affordable are tiny houses? Do you have to spend a ton of money to find a tiny house with some personality to it?

Here’s some fantastic news: not only can you purchase a tiny house that’s built to last for well under 100K; there’s actually a ton of variety at that price point, guaranteeing you’ll find a home that fits your needs and lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the best tiny houses on the market right now, all under 100K.

Tiny Houses Under 100K

The appeal of tiny houses has continued to rise throughout the world, with some estimates stating the industry will be worth over $5.8 billion by 2024[1]. Homeowners value tiny houses for many reasons, including their eco-friendliness, relative affordability, and lower maintenance costs.

A budget under 100K can easily get you a high-quality prefab from top-tier materials. Take a look at the following options.

1. Endura Plus

An open-plan beauty with two bedrooms and 43 square metres of floor space, the Endura Plus has everything you need in terms of natural light, work-from-home space, and clever storage solutions. This unit is large enough to be granted status as a permanent dwelling in the UK, allowing you to place it on your land and live in it all year round.

2. Jupiter

The Jupiter features a modern design with many thoughtful space-saving features, such as a foldable table, an extendable sofa, and even a terrace that can be unfurled for some quality time outdoors. Able to sleep four adults comfortably, the Jupiter comes with a fully detachable trailer for easy transportation.

3. Natura

With a massive upstairs bedroom, separate kitchen and living room, and built-in outdoor deck, the Natura is an ideal two-person home for people who prefer delineated spaces over an open plan. This tiny house has the option of either a wood-burning or an electric stove and can also come equipped with 3000w solar panels.

4. Elegance Range

As the largest legally towable tiny house, the Elegance Range offers an impressive amount of space for family units who want the option of mobility. This home features two upstairs bedrooms, a huge shower with a Jacuzzi tub, and a large couch that can be converted into even more sleeping space.

5. Porto

The Porto by Vagabond Haven is an ultimately portable tiny house with an attractively minimalist design that allows you to get creative in making the space your own. The Porto has two bedroom lofts for a total sleeping capacity of six adults, making it a surprisingly roomy home given its towability.

6. Abano T.O.W.

Designed with an eye toward sustainability, the Abano T.O.W. can collect rainwater and produce food and is powered by solar panels for maximum efficiency. This fully mobile tiny house is ideal for one to two people who want to feel like part of the landscape wherever they go.

7. Dyno

The Dyno is a road-legal home with an open-plan design and large, comfortable living spaces. Intended as a holiday home, the Dyno features two large bedroom lofts, each equipped with a massive skylight so you can fall asleep gazing at the stars.

8. Escape A17

True to its name, the Escape A17 is a moveable tiny house that can be purchased fully equipped for an off-the-grid lifestyle, allowing you to escape to any destination and tow your house along with you. Large windows allow natural light to flood the thoughtfully designed living space, keeping you feeling connected to your surroundings no matter where you are.

9. EBH 659

One of the smallest and most affordable homes on this list, the EBH 659 features 16.5 metres of living space and can sleep up to four people. With three tiers of purchasing options, this home can be customised to suit just about any lifestyle, including all the clever storage solutions and foldable furniture you’ve come to expect and love in a tiny house.

10. Traditional Range

With an attractive sleeping loft, gorgeous wood interior, and impressive steam-spa shower, the Traditional Range from Tiny Eco Homes combines luxury and practicality into one tiny house. The Traditional Range can be customised in a variety of ways, including your choice of any exterior paint or varnish you desire.

What is a Reasonable Price for a Tiny House?

Tiny house prices are as varied as tiny houses themselves. The smallest and most basic homes can be purchased for under 25K, while larger, more complex models may run as much as 120K.

Can I Put a Tiny House on My Property?

Land use laws vary, so it’s important to be informed about your area’s requirements and standards for permanent dwellings before purchasing your ideal unit. For instance, a dwelling in the UK[2] must have at least 37 square metres of floor space in order to be considered a permanent residence.

Do Tiny Houses Hold Their Value?

The extent to which a tiny house depreciates in value, if it does at all, depends on several factors, including the current level of demand for that particular model of tiny house. A tiny house that sits on wheels will generally be worth less over time than a tiny house with a full foundation and built-in electricity and sewage access.

Find Your Perfect Tiny House

The tiny house market has been growing steadily over the past several years, meaning that there are more options than ever before for homeowners looking to adopt the tiny house lifestyle in 2022. With the wide variety of tiny houses available under 100K, there’s never been a better reason to skip the mortgage and buy your first or next home outright.

Ready to build your tiny dream home? Tell us about your project and get quotes from our network of tiny house manufacturers.


[1]$5.8 billion by 2024:https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/050515/financial-considerations-buying-tiny-house.asp
[2]Dwelling in the UK:https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1012976/160519_Nationally_Described_Space_Standard.pdf

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