10 Best Prefab Cabins Under 50K in 2024

A holiday home should cost far less than your primary residence. Modular homes make this possible. You can enjoy the luxury of a second home at a far lower cost than you would incur with a traditional building.

We have assembled a list of top 10 prefab and modular cabins under 50K in 2024 to help you find the holiday home of your dreams without breaking the bank. Take a look at the selection below and build your ideal home away from home.

Our Top 10 Modular Cabins Under 50K

We have prioritised construction quality in this list. The modular prefab cabins listed below are made from the finest materials and use the best construction techniques. This means they will provide you with a fantastic holiday property that will only appreciate in value over time.
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1. UNOMOD 55

Discover UNOMOD 55 by NOVA TEQ, a versatile 46 m² modular home designed for comfortable living for one or two people. Featuring a solid wood structure and energy-efficient options like KfW 55 basic insulation, it offers flexibility with a double bed that transforms into a sofa. Built with eco-friendly materials certified by European standards, UNOMOD 55 combines stylish design with sustainability. Benefit from fast construction in just 10-12 weeks and additional modular options for expanding your living space. With meticulous craftsmanship and a focus on environmental care, UNOMOD 55 promises quality living tailored to your needs.

2. Type F30

The Type F30 is minimal but spacious. Its high ceilings give it the feeling of a home crossed with an art studio, perfect for those looking for a creative getaway. It comfortably sleeps two and has designated outdoor space for gardening and recreation, making it one of the best tiny modular homes under 50K.

It is built from high-quality, sustainable Nordic wood and uses the best construction techniques. Assembly is quick, and the final results are breathtaking.

3. Beachbox

The Beachbox recalls the sunny shores of California or Florida with its light colours and airy, artistic design. It can be installed as a beachfront property in a matter of hours but is just as appropriate as a lakeside residence or holiday home in any location.

It invites natural light but offers privacy where needed. It is an ideal utilitarian cabin design that is equally appropriate as a small holiday home or as an additional residence on your land.

4. NC 37

The NC 37 cabin is designed with Scandinavian minimalism in mind but is incredibly spacious for a home under 50K. It has the functionality of a full home, making it a perfect retreat for busy people who need a break from city living. It is more spacious than most tiny modular homes, meaning you will never feel cramped or like you are missing home comforts.

Its beautiful exterior is made from the finest sustainable timber and features a heat recovery ventilation system to help improve air quality even in cold weather – a top choice.

5. Nordic

The Nordic cabin is just as it sounds – a simple, elegant, Scandinavian-style home with plenty of space and a luxurious outdoor area. It features capacious decking at the front with room for dining or recreation in the warmer months, but the interior is also large enough to offer a pleasant living space when the weather cools.

The Nordic utilises natural light with large windows. It takes just two months to construct – if you have realised you need to get away, now is the time. Choose the Nordic.

6. EestiHouse Italy

Introducing the EestiHouse Italy, a perfect 28 m² modular home for year-round living. This eco-friendly house features a spacious bedroom and bathroom, energy-efficient PUR foam insulation, and durable Scandinavian plywood interiors. Enjoy fully installed electrical wiring, Schneider sockets, integrated kitchen appliances, and double glazing for superior comfort. With a quick 1-2 day installation and delivery in just 3-6 weeks, it’s ready for immediate use.

Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty on finishes and equipment and a 5-year warranty on construction. The EestiHouse Italy offers a reliable and cost-effective housing solution.

7. Cabin With Loft

The Cabin With Loft is an ideal getaway. It optimises its small footprint to allow spacious living quarters and delightful sleeping space, accessible via a ladder from the main living area. It perfectly represents the idyll of a small place of your own away from the stresses of modern life.

It can be constructed swiftly and using the highest-quality materials, removing the hassle of spending months or years shopping around for the ideal cabin.

8. CLT 21


Introducing CLT 21 by inboxlifestyle, a sleek 21 m² modular home from Latvia. Crafted with CLT solid wood panels, it features modern amenities like electric underfloor heating, ventilation with recuperation, and a fully equipped kitchen with premium appliances. Ideal for compact living, this stylish unit includes a complete bathroom, wardrobe, and desk setup, offering comfort and functionality in a compact space.

Discover minimalist design and efficient living with CLT 21, tailored for modern lifestyles.


9. DUOMOD 39

Discover DUOMOD 39 by NOVA TEQ, a stylish modular home crafted in Ukraine, offering 32 m² of efficient living space for 1-2 people. Featuring solid wood construction and options for KfW 55 basic insulation, it combines eco-friendly materials with up to 70% energy savings. Enjoy a sleek design and customizable interiors, complemented by fast 10-12 week construction and rigorous quality control for peace of mind.

Whether for a cosy retreat or modern living, DUOMOD 39 delivers comfort, sustainability, and meticulous craftsmanship in every detail.

10. Tutum House Living17

Experience Living17 by Tutum HOUSE, a sophisticated 16.5 m² modular cabin designed for ultimate comfort. With a fully finished interior included in the standard price, this turnkey solution features high-end materials like thermo-treated wood and Cor-ten steel, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. From order to delivery in just 16 weeks, Tutum HOUSE offers a sustainable living option with minimal environmental impact and reduced CO2 emissions.

Enjoy a serene retreat with personalized guidance throughout the customization process, making Living17 the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and peace of mind.

How Big of a House Can I Build for 50K?

Most prefab homes under 50K measure under 40 square metres. This is plenty of space for a bedroom, bathroom, and substantial living area – you would be lucky to buy a garage for the same price using traditional construction. Modular homes give you substantially more value and a superior aesthetic.

Are Prefab Cabins Cheaper?

Yes. Traditional-built cabins typically can cost six figures, but you can easily purchase prefab cabins for 50K or less. This makes them accessible to more people, and they are also typically built using more sustainable materials.

Prefab cabins are constructed using cutting-edge techniques in controlled settings. They are also assembled much faster than conventional structures, driving the price down and reducing the risk of delays.

Is It Better to Build or Buy a House in 2024?

It is far cheaper to build a prefab house in 2024. Buying a house relies on fluctuating forces in the property market. Building a modular home is consistent in price – simply choose a cabin that suits your needs, purchase the land, and schedule construction.

Many modular cabins also function as full-time primary residences. This is a cost-effective alternative to buying a pre-built house and is a great choice for those working from home.


The prefab home of your dreams is waiting for you. The listings above are ready to start fabrication and construction – you can have your new home away from home assembled in just a couple of months. Build a more attractive home at a lower cost by choosing modular construction for your new holiday home.

Get started now by requesting personalized quotes from our network of prefab manufacturers. Fill in our form to turn your vision into reality!

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