10 Amazing Prefab Modular Homes Under 200K

Prefab homes can be much cheaper than houses built using traditional construction methods. However, that does not mean that they are just a “budget” option – rather, it means that you can enjoy a luxury home at an affordable price.

This guide covers our top 10 prefab homes under 200K. There are styles for every taste – check out the listings and find your new dream home at a fantastic price!

Prefab Homes Under 200K

What sets these listings apart from other modular houses? It is their combination of style and substance that makes these modular homes the most impressive. They are built using cutting-edge techniques by expert technicians in carefully controlled settings. They boast attractive modern designs from leading architects and are made to last for a lifetime. These are the homes that prove you can have it all.

1. The Barn House

The Barn House from Youngman Lovell is just what the name suggests: a huge, spacious barn house that proves you can have ample space on a budget. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms and covers 110 square metres – more than enough space to raise a family at less than half the price of a traditional-build house.

Its lifetime carbon footprint is also minimal – the Barn House generates around 90% less carbon than a conventional building. It uses 100% electric power, meaning that it can be heated using renewable sources. It is built from sustainable timber and built to the highest standards. If you are looking for a spacious home with superb green credentials, this is the place for you.

2. Three Bedroom Wee House

The Three Bedroom Wee House is an attractive cottage home, but while “wee” suggests little, you will find a spacious interior with three bedrooms. The actual “little” part of the house is the cost of its energy bills – these properties are designed to minimise your energy bills and save you even more money in the long run.
Internal construction can be adapted to meet your tastes, and upgrades such as a wood-fired oven are available. This is a lifetime home with a low initial cost and excellent appreciation prospects due to the high-quality build.

3. Stella 1-112 Offset Gabled Roof

The Stella 1-112 Offset Gabled Roof house is very affordable and has a stunning, contemporary style. It is delivered on a concrete foundation, which means there is less construction needed when preparing the plot.

With three bedrooms and over 92 square metres of space, buyers get a sumptuous family home at a low price. This wonderful cabin home can also be upgraded to include features like a sauna.

4. ANNA Stay

The ANNA Stay is designed to provide everything you need, even in a remote location. It is suitable for two adults and two children or three adults – a perfect home for families but also an exciting retreat for artists and professionals. The ANNA Stay is even available in the Netherlands in an off-grid model.

It is intricately crafted from the finest materials and is extremely sturdy for such an elegant structure. The ANNA Stay is available for well below 200K.

5. Cabin Suite

The Cabin Suite is an open-plan delight from Cabin One. Perfect as a getaway or as a home for one or two adults, it forgoes doors to create a spacious, attractive interior with ample natural light. The exterior is just as impressive, with elegant entrances and beautiful painted wood.

It also features an off-grid package option, making it the perfect place to escape your busy life at a very reasonable price.

6. Cabin Bay

The Cabin Bay is another scenic delight from Cabin One. It features one bedroom and covers 54 square metres. It is the ideal getaway for anyone looking to take some time off and set up home far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It features underfloor heating and can draw its energy from renewable sources. The Cabin Bay is a cosy, eco-friendly modular home at an unbeatable price.

7. Klein Large

The Klein Large redefines the affordable holiday home. Suitable for an individual or a couple, it includes ample space for kitchen and bathroom facilities along with a spacious, comfortable bedroom.

The Klein Large is not just a modular home under 200K – it is a modular home under 100K! A fantastic choice for a second home on a budget.

8. Endura Plus

The Endura Plus is equally suitable as a holiday home or a primary residence. This compact, two-storey property is made using the finest materials and techniques and can sleep four. It is suitable for use as a primary residence in the UK and across Europe but costs a fraction of the price you would pay for a comparable traditional-build property.
It also comes with an optional solar package, allowing you to power the home through renewable sources.

9. EestiHouse H93

The EestiHouse H93 is economical but boasts a gorgeous exterior design. This theme continues inside, with high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials used for construction throughout. It is protected with Scandinavian-style PUR foam to offer additional protection against cold, making it appropriate for all climates across Europe and also very energy-efficient.

This 2-bedroom house takes just one or two days to install and is an excellent lifetime investment at a very low initial price.

10. Boston

The Boston cabin from TNY Solutions features two modules at the most basic level but can be extended with extra modules if you would like to make it a full-time family home. Even the smallest option includes plenty of space for sleeping, cooking, and high-quality bathroom facilities.

It is crafted from high-quality materials and is energy-efficient. It includes underfloor heating, making it perfect for cooler climates. The Boston cabin is available at a very low price.

What Are the Most Affordable Modular Homes?

The same rules apply to modular homes as to traditional properties – size typically increases the price. Small modular homes can be built in rural areas, requiring less planning permission than urban dwellings.

Affordable modular homes can still work in urban areas as long as you own the land and can make it accessible for installation services. However, buying a modular home in the countryside is a great way to enjoy a new environment while building a high-quality home at a great price.

How Long Do Modular Homes Last?

When you buy from a reputable manufacturer, modular homes can last a lifetime or more. The low initial price also means modular homes are an excellent investment opportunity.
What are they made from?

They are commonly made from eco-friendly materials and assembled using the finest construction process techniques. Sustainable timber is perhaps the most popular material for prefab homes. It reduces the carbon footprint of the property and provides natural protection against the elements. High-quality timber has superb insulation properties and can last for centuries.

How easy is getting a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage for a prefab property is easier now than ever before. As modular homes become more popular, an ever-increasing number of lenders are happy to finance these properties.

As the initial price is significantly lower than that of a traditional-build property, modular homes represent a great investment. Finding a good mortgage provider is well worth some extra time.

The Takeaway

People choose modular homes not just because of the lower price but because they are built using more environmentally friendly and carefully monitored techniques than traditional builds. Whether you want to buy a prefab as a primary home or as a holiday residence, the list of properties above has options to suit every taste.

Consider the additional benefits such as saunas, wood-fired ovens, and expanded living space. Explore our modular homes page, and find a property that suits your tastes and your budget.

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