Top 10 Popular Prefab Homes in 2022

As modular homes grow in popularity, the market is adjusting, and there are more options available for sale than ever. So for those in the market for a new modular house, where do people start?

Modular home buyers can quickly spot potential perfect choices by taking a look at the most popular ones. They are popular for a reason after all!

Check out these top 10 popular prefab homes in 2022 that are making waves in the industry and find which could be your dream home.

1. Nidus Condor 4M

Condor 4M

The Nidus Condor 4M is a split-level home offering plenty of living space plus two bedrooms. So whether you are looking to have a guest room handy for friends or family or want a dedicated hobby space, you will have all the space you need.

This is one of the most customisable homes, even offering furnishings included with the home. There is no interior decorating experience needed to have a beautiful space.

The best part? The starting price is one of the most affordable that you will find on the market!

2. Ursa T.O.W.

Are you looking for a gorgeous tiny house made of wood that will fit naturally in nature? You need to look into the Ursa T.O.W. With beautiful built-in units, your studio will feel open, airy, and modern.

This tiny house features unique details, including a lovely window by your bed and wood-panelled doors. Even better, the manufacturer is dedicated to creating eco-friendly homes, allowing you to opt into the most eco-conscious additions.

3. ÖÖD Mirror House


If you’re someone who loves enjoying the beauty of nature, you can’t miss out on the ÖÖD Mirror House. The reflective mirrors on the outside, can blend into its picturesque surroundings. Giving you complete privacy and wonderful views from the inside.

This cabin will cost you a bit more than other studio options. However, the reason for the higher price is clear. Aside from the gorgeous windows/mirrors, every finish is high-end and thoughtfully designed for the best layout.

4. Model T-Young

With large, beautiful windows and plenty of space for a couple, the Model T-Young is an excellent choice for anyone looking for more elbow room with a spare bedroom.

Perhaps the best part is the customisations available. With prefabs, you will find many ways you can increase the floor space and make the most of your investment.

5. Muhu

The Muhu makes for the ideal getaway. With plenty of space for a 1-bedroom, it also comes with an optional sauna, beautiful ceramic tiles, and lovely recessed lighting. The smallest details are concerned with creating a luxurious modular home.

6. Medium House

Do you find yourself outside on a porch more than in your room? The Medium House may be the perfect modular house for you. Inside, there is a good amount of space, with 47 square metres, it’s laid out well with 2 bedrooms.

However, the true highlight is the partial wraparound porch. If you have spent good money on a lovely plot, make the most of it with the Medium House.

7. Tinybee House

Tinybee House may be a tiny house, but it has enough character for a home of ten times the size. With gorgeous cabinetry, fun stairs, and a lovely sloped roof, this tiny house is a hard one to forget. Add off-the-grid accessories and enjoy a true tiny house lifestyle.

8. The Barn House

The Barn House has the highest price tag on the list, but for very good reason. This modular house has the most space with 110 square metres. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this house is ideal for larger families or even couples who are looking to spread out and have their own space.

One big highlight is the large window-panelled wall that opens up the space to nature. This in addition to the balcony makes it the perfect choice for anyone wanting to truly enjoy their home in the wide open spaces of nature.

9. 60m2 House

If you want a cabin feeling in your house, the 60m2 House. With beautiful wood finishes and open living spaces, this is everything cosy and comfortable about a cabin but with the luxuries of modern living.

There is a lot to love with this prefab house design. Large windows to enjoy the view? Check. High ceilings for a spacious feel? It has those, too. And then, of course, it has a spare bedroom you can use to suit your needs.

10. Model T-Villa

Love the Model T-Young, but do you want a lot more room, almost twice as much? Then you have found the perfect match: the Model T-Villa.

At 104 square metres, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, there is plenty of space in this modular house. You can even opt in for a veranda balcony, practically doubling your outdoor space.

Are Prefab Homes a Good Investment?

Just as with stick-built homes, modular houses may appreciate or depreciate with the trends of the market. This means that while an increased value is not guaranteed, it could be just as good of an investment as a house.

The good news is that prefab homes are often far more affordable than stick-built houses. This means that it is far more accessible to invest in a modular home and benefit from an appreciating housing market.

How Much Does a Prefab Home Cost?

Compared to stick-built homes, prefab houses are much more affordable. This means you can get a house for less than 50k. However, there are also modular homes that are far more expensive, such as over 200k.

While you may get more bang for your buck with a modular house for sale, it is still important that you carefully consider the appropriate budget for your new home based on your income, current debts, and other financial factors.

Shop Popular Prefabricated Homes for Sale

If you are looking to purchase a prefab house, you certainly want to get the most for your money. An excellent way to narrow down your options to only the highest quality home is by looking at the most popular ones. And with this handy list of the top 10, you are on the right track to getting a home you will love that will possibly even appreciate with time.

Want a modular house you will love? Check out these 10 above and find the perfect fit for your needs.

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