The 10 Best Modular Homes in 2022

Modular homes are having a moment in 2022. They are fully customisable, easily assembled, and cost-effective. And, with no materials wasted and some solar panel options, they are also eco-conscious.

Whether you are looking for a small holiday cabin or your dream family home, Spassio offers a wide range of fantastic models from the best modular home manufacturers. Here are our ten favourites this year.

1. The Larger Holiday Home

The Larger Holiday Home by Add a Room A/S

Coming from Add A Room A/S (one of the best modular home manufacturers), this model offers 75 square metres of living space. Included in that are two bedrooms and one bathroom.

This single-storey home offers you Nordic style with long lines and plenty of windows. The open-plan kitchen makes the house feel even larger than it is, and you can still have plenty of privacy, thanks to the bedrooms being at either end of the home.
This charming holiday home is available for delivery in Denmark and Sweden.

2. The Storey Villa

Storey Villa by Commod House

This lovely model offers four bedrooms and additional office space spread over two storeys. If you (like a growing number in Europe), work from home, you will not have to sacrifice a spare bedroom to get your own office.

A full bathroom is upstairs, while an additional WC and shower are on the first storey. You can keep your upstairs bath a sanctuary while still having a WC for guests.

Manufactured by Austria-based Commod House, you will love this home’s spacious 165 square metres. The space features bright interiors that make the most of the home’s many windows. Outside, the facade has homey wood accents that soften the clean, modern lines.

Available for delivery in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, and Switzerland, The Storey Villa is one of the best modular homes for families.

3. The Dragonhouse

The 10 Best Modular Homes in 2022

With an Alpine-inspired design and easy wood stove hook-up, this two-storey model is one of the best modular homes for your winter holiday home.

At 60 square metres, it may also be suitable if you are looking to embrace the tiny house lifestyle full-time.

Austrian based Commod House, the Dragonhouse features two bedrooms and one bathroom. Wood accents provide a homey feel, while the balcony outside the master bedroom is a great place for you to take in a mountain view.

The Dragonhouse is available for delivery in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Croatia.

4. The Eco A4

Eco A4 by McCube

The Eco A4 is the most popular model of Austrian-based McCube. It is easy to see why: you’ll love how roomy it is at 122.5 square metres. With hemp fiberboard insulation and efficient infrared heating, it is easy and cheap to keep warm in even the coldest winters.

While the standard model comes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and luxury fixtures, you will also love how customisable it is! Optional features included a second storey, a terrace, a carport, and a solar-ready electrical system. In the Eco A4, you don’t have to choose between luxury and green living.

The Eco A4 is widely available. It can be delivered to the EU, Norway, the UK, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Iceland. See why McCube is one of the best modular home manufacturers for eco-friendliness.

5. The Tiny House Country

Tiny House Country by Tiny Green Home

At only 73,900 Euros, including VAT, this model is a way for you to affordably transition into tiny home living. An open floor plan, 4-metre-high ceilings, and plenty of windows make your house feel much larger than its 48 square metres.

With two bedrooms and one bathroom, the Tiny House Country is suitable for either a small family home or a holiday home. You will love the traditional sloped roof and wooden walls; they make the house look modern yet quaint. With a step-free option, it is also a good choice if you are older or have difficulty with stairs.

This model by Tiny Green Home is available for delivery in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, France, Spain, and the UK.

6. The Two-Bedroom Wee House

Two Bedroom Wee House by The Wee House Company

This cosy two bedroom Wee House model looks right out of an old-time village, but don’t be fooled. The Wee House offers some of the most modern amenities out there, from solar cells to highly efficient heating systems. On average, you will only pay a pound a day for heating, hot water, and electricity!

Despite being only 68 square metres, there is an eat-in kitchen and generous bedroom space. With the Wee House, you do not have to feel deprived when you make a move to the tiny house lifestyle.

At £165,000, the price may seem steep. But with so many design options and energy savings, it is well worth it. The Two-Bedroom Wee House is only available for delivery in the UK. The Wee House Company only launched in 2013 but is already one of the best modular home manufacturers.

7. The Mohma Standard

Mohma Standard by Woodville

This home with a rounded roof looks a bit like a space capsule. But inside, it is full hygge with soft woods and a homey atmosphere. The Mohma is only 39.4 square metres, yet it can comfortably fit four to six adults in its two storeys.

You can make the Mohma Standard home completely energy self-sufficient and automated. Cosy, modern, and only 62,000 Euros (excluding VAT), this home is the best in tiny house living.

The Mohma Standard is made by Spain’s Woodville and is available for delivery in the EU, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK.

8. The RMB Modul 100

RMB Modul 100 by RMB Modulbau

Produced by Germany’s RMB Modulbau, this modern home offers you high-tech amenities at a reasonable price. Despite only being 87.4 square metres, it has two bedrooms and one bathroom and can easily be a family home.

From the outside wall material to the colour of the backsplash, you can customise the Modul 100 to your heart’s content. Features include a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large mudroom/laundry room.

You can get the Modul 100 delivered in the EU, the UK, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland.

9. The Family Hut

Family Hut by UpHut OÜ

If you are looking for an affordable holiday home, look no further than UpHut OU’s Family Hut. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom home only has 26.7 square metres of space. But with floor-to-ceiling windows in most of the public space, you can bring the outdoors in.

Costing only 49,900 Euros (excluding VAT), the Family Hut offers a Nordic style that blends wood, metal, and glass. A large deck is perfect for eating meals outdoors or simply looking up at the stars.

The Family Hut is available for delivery everywhere in the EU and is one of the best modular homes for a holiday getaway.

10. The EestiHouse Model T

EestiHouse Model T by EestiHouse

With two private bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open floor plan, the Model T is like its namesake car: simple. But simplicity can be deceptive, as this model from EestiHouse offers everything you need for either a family home or a holiday cabin.

The Model T may only have 38.5 square metres, but it offers a dramatic deck and striking modern design. The house is neatly divided into a front public space and bedrooms and a private bath in the back. That means you do not have to choose between privacy and entertaining.

The EestiHouse Model T is available for shipment in the EU, the UK, Andorra, Iceland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Norway.

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